Johnson & Johnson Crisis: Solutions and Implementation Plan - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


Various limitation and issues concerning Johnson and Johnson Company have been analyzed. Their formulation strategies to end the crisis in the company, therefore, calls for implementation. Both external and internal factors influence some of these hiccups. Through identification of possible strategies and methodologies to end the company's plights, there is also a need to lay down a plan of action whereby specific strategies will follow in implementation. Three strategic formulations are essential for the company's improvement in terms of production, sales as well as the wellbeing of its culture. The three development strategies include absorption and company merging, research conducting, and employment of marketing strategies (Bambo, 2019). In the implementation of the methodologies, there is a need to prioritize the most basic that will lead to the accommodation of others. Therefore, a plan is developed in that research will be conducted, then companies acquisition and merging, and finally, marketing strategies will be put into action.

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Johnson and Johnson's company having been into manufacturing industry of pharmaceutical products has gained roots, and therefore it has capital power. To maintain monetary control, it has to heavily invest in formulated strategies to end its problems and limitations it faces. The plan can be established in a way that research methods are engaged in conducting a thorough correlation of the company and other factors around it. First, research conduction should be set within the company premises to establish or find out the most sensitive internal factor affecting both the performance of workers and their employee. At that stage, data collection should be analyzed to give possible solutions that may be in the cause allow cross-cultural training. It is, therefore, would aid the staffs to mingle with each other freely as well as considering each other's culture important. Also, the internal research and investigation should establish possible views of the workers on how to improve their performance and work operation through active technology employment.

Secondly, external research should be established to give a clear correlation of customers (market) and the company. Proper analysis that allows people to eliminate ethnicity and racism in business discrimination, effectively should employ new ways such as offering locals with jobs to work on their business for more significant market share winning. After that, the company should research its competition and spot out vigorous competitors.

Thirdly, in the discovery of their counter competitors, the company is required to build an excellent public relation with them. It will aid the company to convince their competitor to either join them or buy their shares. In that strategy, the company can be engaged in a dialogue, thus agreeing to work together or even getting absorbed by a giant company. The approach to absorption and company merging would be in action (Nahavandi & Malekzadeh, 1988).

Finally, persuasive and aggressive means of winning more customers should be put in place. First, the company should identify the target customers, then learn their taste and preference and finally come up with useful tools of the marketing. The tools include use of social media such as the internet, Facebook, email advertisement, face to face advertisement, use of billboard as well as the rebranding of the company's name and product. The implementation of any marketing skill will depend on the nature of the target population (Walker & Ruekert, 1987). Their nature, therefore, will be of paramount significance in the discovery of what tool to use. Consequently, the need to research on nature and social behavior on the consumption of the company's product would be the first step before coming up with a strategic marketing tool.

Through that, the order, that is, making diverse research, absorption, and merging, and implementation of marketing strategies would, therefore, lead to the smooth running of the company. The chronological order of execution will make sure that no issue faces the company, which is not addressed.


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