Leadership Qualities: The Key to Success in Any Organization - Essay Sample

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Leadership can be demonstrated through various qualities in any organization. It is not a secret that the success of an organization largely depends on its leadership and whether they have the right people on board to drive through and implement its goals. As such, it is of essence that the organization has among its leadership people who are competent enough to enable it to strive towards its mission and also familiar enough with its vision in order to gear their efforts into mobilizing resources towards attaining it. The management in an organization would thus form the core unit that will be geared towards attaining these goals as they are responsible for mobilizing the resources available to them to enable the company to succeed. PureLife Foods, for instance, would need a strong team to lead its new Energy Bars Division if they are to attain the goal of developing green and sustainable products that will be competent in the market as well as marketing these products to their customers. In the exercise, the researcher analyzed the suitability of three candidates to fill in the position of Executive Director for the new division.

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First and foremost, in order to determine the criteria for choosing the right candidate for the position, it is important to understand the role of the manager in an organization and as such deduce the skills that each of the candidates would be bringing on board if hired. A manager's role in any organization requires some critical skills that are essential in day to day running of the company activities. These skills enable the manager to act as the bridge between the senior executives and the employees, thus driving the company goals to the right path falls squarely on them. The new Executive Director for the Energy Bars Division at PureLife Foods, for instance, should be able to bridge the gap between the employees whom they control and the executive management as well as the stakeholders of the company. This requires that they are able to set priorities and motivate team members sufficiently and serve as a role model for the team. They should also demonstrate critical thinking when it comes to setting priorities as well as having a proven record of financial understanding and project management skills to ensure timely attainment of the set goals.

The first candidate, Beth Jordan has extensive experience in marketing, having worked as the Vice president of Operations and Marketing and helping her organization grow its market share by 12% annually. The second step in the selection process involved assessing the participant's ability to adapt to unforeseen situations and act accordingly. This is largely unnecessary but if a must, then the nature of such situations should, however, be calculated to suit the testing method as different people may react differently to an unforeseen situation, fear for example. Women in such a case may find themselves disadvantaged as they have been known to be weaker than men in such situations (Watkins & Watkins, 2018). Furthermore, on the job training could easily impart them with the require adaptability skills.

Sharon Tulles, the second candidate has demonstrated a range of skills working for the PureLife Foods West Coast divisions' deputy Executive director. Also, in assessing the math skills of the individual participants, we cannot say that some groups of individuals would be disadvantaged than the others. Equality should, however, be observed by giving them tests that are on the same weight category and which would accurately measure their skills at the same level. However, a balance should be struck when assessing their individual performance with their strengths in the other areas under scrutiny to ensure that the best candidate is picked for the job.

Jack Tillson, on the other hand, attributes the success of his company, Bigsby Frozen Foods which has been in operation for the past 17 years to his exceptional management skills. His role in the company is largely based on handling operations and finance. In designing the selection system for employees, decisions have to be made on the criteria of creating and implementing the requirements for the selection of a successful employee as discussed before. It is, however, crucial that analysis of the on-the-job suitability of the selected candidate is done to evaluate the correctness of decisions made during the selection process (Peeples, 2018). The selection process we employed included several parameters that were assessed in each candidate to ascertain their suitability to the available job position. Having picked the best candidate out of this assessment, it is necessary to reflect on the manner in which the candidate's skills relate to the initial process that was used to design the entire selection process.

Following the evaluation of the three candidates' experience in different fields, we arrive at the recommendation that Jack, the third candidate, possesses most of the necessary management skills necessary to run the new division of the company as the Executive Director. This follows his extensive experience handling operations and financing in his own company, which has seen tremendous growth over the 17 years it has been in existence. Also given his familiarity with the food industry, Jack could bring onboard new clients they have worked within his former company, which would enable the new division to take root in the shortest time possible.


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