Legalization of Gay Marriages: Breaking Social Barriers in US & UK - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-27


Firstly, legalization of gay marriages has improved positive perception towards same-sex marriages in many countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Initially, the two country's social values were deeply rooted in Christian and Muslim values that abhorred same-sex marriages. As a result, many members of the LGBTQ community married illegally and faced potential arrests. Additionally, churches were not allowed to unite such couples. However, in Obama's administration revolutionized public perception towards same-sex marriages by legalizing them. Many nations across the world followed the trend with people accepting others despite their sexual orientation. Today, many churches in the UK and the US undertake gay and lesbian marriages.

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Secondly, enactment of non-discrimination policies in many countries has aided in generation of good perception towards LGBTQ. In the past, LGBTQ members were discriminated in the employment, health, and education sectors. However, modern laws that allow equality in all spheres of social and formal interactions have allowed people to learn to accept each other in the face of diversity. Currently, many organizations are encouraging diversity by employing LGBTQ members and providing them with an excellent working atmosphere.

Thirdly, the introduction of parenting rights for same-sex marriages changed how people thought about them. The policies allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt children provided they pass several necessary parenting tests. The atmosphere created by the government enables others to perceive LGBTQs as ordinary people despite their choices. Additionally, the policies issue same-sex couples with an opportunity to raise a family like other people in the country. Moreover, the situation leads to generational replacement.

Fourthly, the creation of public awareness and gender replacement contributes to a positive attitude. Children raised in same-sex families develop a positive attitude towards their parents, which is reciprocated to society. The children learn to accept others and aid conservatives to change their attitude towards the LGBTQ community. A generational replacement will foresee eradication of future discriminative tendencies based on sexual orientation

Fifthly, gender recognition acts in countries such as the UK has allowed transgenders to integrate with other members of society. The laws recognize those individuals who have changed their genders through surgical means. Initially, male and female transgenders faced challenges in accessing public social amenities and were most susceptible to hate crimes. For example, it was challenging for a male transgender to use female washrooms since people failed to recognize their newly acquired gender and vice versa. Moreover, they were dehumanized during police arrest by being placed in inappropriate cells. However, gender recognition by the state ensures that the public learns to accommodate transgenderism.


Overall, the past few decades have foreseen a tremendous shift in people's perception of the LGBTQ community. Today, people have learned to respect each other's personal choices without much criticisms or hatred. Gender recognition acts, public awareness, legalization of gay marriages, and parenting rights are examples of factors influencing the phenomenon. People should learn to accept and accommodate others in the face of diversity.

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