Representation of White Law Enforcement and Judicial System

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Racism is a vice that has developed, especially from the past where certain people were much discriminated because of their skin tone and origin. It is a notion that has transpired into the modern system where the police are the most engaged in the act. Racism brews ethnicity and hates among people, and it is necessary that the justice department intervenes and settles the matter before everything gets out of hand. Racism and anti-feminism have grave implications if they are not dealt with in the right way. Human rights activist and organizations have been on the rise to fight for the equality of all races and the need to respect feminism in all parts of the world. The relevant organizations and world leaders should come to the aid of sexism and racism to ensure that the matter is corrected in the face of the world and that the negative impacts that they result to are neutralized. The essay will, therefore, look into racism and sexism and evaluate the various judicial implications that are required to ensure that the necessary measures are put into place to help in the matter. (Williams, Jaye Austin, 7)

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Feminist Criticism and Theory

Feminism is a full chapter that is concerned with the plight of the woman and their oppression in the male-dominated system and world. In most case, Feminism tends to look into the socio-economic, political, and the psychological abuse of the women in the country. Women in the black community, especially in the 70s and the 80s had to go through a lot of injustices in their way to find a peaceful life. The film if the Street Could Talk is an excellent example that provides a good representation of feminism criticism and oppression. Women have always had to struggle and suffer in the plight of men who seems to be the masters of the land. It saddens to notice how women go through a lot of injustices in their lives because there are no reliable measures that can be installed to help eradicate the issue of feminist critics. (Leyda, Julia, et al., 9)

The film if the Streets Could Talk presents a young couple who are primarily in love and ready to have a family. The couple Tish and Fonny being a couple went through social injustice because of their color. Tish being pregnant and her fiancee being accused of rape was a great social injustice because of the humiliation she went through as a woman. It is essential for societies and humanity to respect the nature of pregnant women because, at that point, they are highly in need of care and support from the one they love. At the time when the Funny was away for the rape accusations, she was left in the world of male oppression in the case that they wanted to test the perfumes that she was selling. Tish was exposed to several racial injustices by the white people and her fellow black community who took the advantage and resulted in oppressive behavior.

As a black man in the white supremacy society, it is so easy for anyone to be framed for some issues in criminal cases. Funny as in the film was accused of rape, and he was put away for the case. Such cultural oppression and prejudice by the white system is a major problem that has seen a big number of African Americans suffer in the hands of the white laws. In the early 80s, being an African American was perceived to entail a lot of challenges, and this made life even harder for them. Fonny, for instance, fell under the oppression of the white laws for he was put under custody for a crime he did not commit. In the social justice context, Fonny suffered under the plight of his relationship with the black community. There is a need for organizations and persona to rise to ensure that these challenges and oppression are controlled and put to rest.

Force continuum is a story of a black cop family that was a time when the white laws were supreme, and the white cops were highly regarded as oppressive and discriminatory of the black. There is a great contradiction in the existence of the family as cops at a time when police brutality against the black was very high. For over a decade now, there have been significant concerns on the need for the justice department to come with laws and regulations that would put to rest the growing racial injustices and concerns over the country. It is important that social justice is upheld and the respect for human rights despite cultural affiliation and race. Human rights activists and persons have pointed out the need and concern for the justice department to respect and revise the laws to ensure that police law that is brutal and discriminative of the black community is resolved. (Kahn, Kimberly Barsamian, et al., 21)

Race and gender have been the center for most of the injustices. Black communities in the white community have had to go through great pain and prejudice because of where they represent or come from. The great suffering due to race can easily be avoided if the justice department amends its laws and ensures equality among all the races and vultures in the country. White police use of force against communities that are not part of their race can be brought to justice by ensuring that all laws apply equally to everyone and that a common rule of law and justice is served to everyone.

The film Force continuum is a reflection of how situations were at the time when white supremacy and laws were the order of the day. The film presents a family whose generations have been in the police force. The cop's family finds themselves in an estranged situation where despite them being of African heritage, they have to abide and act by the rules and attitude of the white police officers. The manner and way of action by the white cops was very demeaning and discriminatory of the black community. It, therefore, meant that the black cops too had to act on their style or they would be stripped off their duty as policemen. Social justice education advocates for the need to study the past and understand the patterns that are related to oppression and the means to solutions.

Debates on matters such as reparations cannot be analyzed and understood fully if the historical bits of slavery, segregation, and racial violence that have been to the advantage to the white people. Critical understanding of the historical past can be a great way to demarginalize the perception of the whites to the blacks. Understanding the struggles that people of color went through to fight oppressions such as slavery can be a great motivation and support for the current generation in the fight against social injustices. Through history, we get to learn the ways through which marginalized communities and persons came together to go against the odds to achieve equality and unity.

The stories of the past are a great motivation to the current marginalized societies to fight for their rights in the process of achieving racial and social equality. It is through history that we get to learn on the means through which organizations and persons came together and assembled strategies that would see them go against the odds and achieve whatever they intended. Learning the historical past can be used as a tool for hope and also as a form of evidence that even social justice and racial discriminatory can be achieved.

The issue of feminism, for instance, has been a thing of the past where organizations and organized groups came together and advocated for change. In the film, if the streets could talk, we are introduced to Tish who despite being pregnant and the fiancee being in custody for the wrongful accusation of rape, is humiliated and oppressed by men who take advantage of perfume testing in her shop. Such female humiliation and oppression because they are taken to be a weaker member of the society can be put to rest through women coming together and staging the demand s for the rights. Class discrimination is a matter that has in the past gathered the attention of different assemblies which have then fought for their demands. History can, therefore, be used to achieve equality among all groups, be it women or racism. (Yoon, Jihee, 18)

In the film Force, Continuum Dece talks of how it is not appropriate of a black to be on watch of their town. The film accounts the death of Dece parents to be as a result of poor treatment by the white system that was very brutal and oppressive of the black community at that time. Police oppression and brutality is at the center of the film, as several instances of brutality are accounted for in the film. Dray, an artist, and her sister went through injustices that were enforced by the white cops. Despite the constant concerns raised, the authorities never took the matter severe and therefore the injustices elevated to higher scales. Social injustice by the white cops demonstrated in the two films shows how the justice department at that time was corrupt and didn't take the matter with the seriousness that it deserved. The justice department needs to amend its constitutional laws to ensure that the raised grievances by the blacks are addressed in the right way. Racial discrimination taints the picture of a nation. Feminism can be an agenda of the past if the parties involved take a severe step putting all those that are involved in the matter to justice.

Social justice education advocates the need for change and a system that will ensure unified and equal governance that does not violate anyone because of their race or cultural difference. Feminism should not a thing of the present. The justice department should ensure that the white laws are nit subjective oppression to the women. It is saddening to note the generation to which the film was made. The people that are have been given the responsibility to oversee their affairs are the same people are in the front to violating them. It illustrates how the black community was living in troubled times were injustices against the black was a regular daily activity. Social justice has since been a primary concern in the modern and late times because It's only through the justice system that equity and oneness can be achieved among all races in the country and the world. (Fielding, Nigel, 7)

Through the films, the theories of oppression manifest themselves in all the spheres of the scenes. The instances of social justice and oppression have helped people understand the education behind social justice. Clear understanding and education is a great asset to help people understand the realities of life and the need for social justice in our society and nations. Education on social justice is essential in helping the parties understand the institutions that need be in the fight against racial discrimination and oppression. The report of Lee on the education of social justice outlines that for greater success in social justice, it is essential that both parties to be involved in coming up with the necessary solutions that will shape the system in the future. The participation of both parties is a way to bring both agents on the table in the process of channeling a different path, especially in the amendment and creation of better social justice. (Adams et al.,15)

Lee also takes oppression into account as a cumulative, pervasive, and restrictive. The arrest of Alonzo in the film is a clear indication that racial oppression was very high at that time. Enforcement of white laws was oppressive and brutal towards the black community. The police and the judicial system had no respect for the rights of the black, and the police officer would take that to their advantage to humiliate and oppress the blacks of their justice. The film Force Continuum illustrates how it was difficult for the black cops' family to run through the usual brutality of how the white cops were to their fellow African Americans. It is, therefore, with great concern that organizations and both parties be und...

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