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Presenting problem from both of yours and the client's perspective: the client states that anxiety has been a great part of his daily life and has affected him in worrying about events and fear for places. My view is that anxiety disorder is more of a medical condition that needs treatment.

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Describe your therapeutic alliance with your client: I have been seeing the client for a while and prescribing what they should do to mitigate anxiety disorder through practicing personal treatment of the condition.

Data that presents the client's strengths, risk, and protective factors:

The common risks that are associated with the anxiety disorders include the nervousness and the feeling of restlessness's well as some levels of tense. These may be triggered by various factors which surround the daily lives of an individual. The individual may realize these feelings but, may be reluctant to act against if they don't affect most of their activities. The anxiety disorders are also associated with a sense of an upcoming danger, a feeling of doom or even panic. This may happen regularly and it affects an individual and this may be based on a specific environment or when between some individuals.

The strengths of the client are that there is no association of anxiety disorder with an increase in the rate of the heartbeat. These activities make an individual be always anxious and the pressure of the blood increases which are symptoms I have not seen affecting the client. This may happen for a long period of time or it may be limited to some specific periods of occasions (Pittig et al., 2012). However, the client is still at risk of the anxiety disorder being manifested through much trembling, the increased sweating and the issue of feeling weak or tired. At such a time, the individual may fail to control the worry over specific situations. There also an attempt to avoid the incidences that result in anxiety as a way of practicing personal treatment of the condition.

The protective factors of the client include visiting a practitioner for the purpose of diagnosis and appropriate recommendation as well as other treatments. This has been especially when the anxiety makes an individual have a complication with physical health. When anxiety disorders result in the thoughts of committing suicide, the client has taken drugs as a protective factor.


The client has been affected by the anxiety condition. It is such that the increase in the level of anxiety has resulted in a decline in the rate of performance. An increase in the anxiety level consequently affects the performance negatively. Before the anxiety reaches the peak, the performance is known to adapt to the anxiety levels. At this level, the individual is known to be preparing for the functioning of the body. After the peak is reached, the anxiety may impair the functioning of the individuals.

The Patient’s Case

Jeremy has an anxiety disorder which has made him experience difficulties with events in his life such as working at night, during interviews. Has been experiencing a difficult relationship with the family since he is not able to perform tasks that require a lot of courage and confidence has resulted in a lot of depression.


Jeremy wants to go through the healing process of anxiety disorder majorly through therapy which will help him gain more confidence to handle events that he has feared. It is Jeremy's goal to reduce the levels of anxiety with time which will be by seeing a psychiatrist. It is her goal to be involved in the activities that he has for so long had a phobia for because he was anxious and ended up giving up on them.

Evidence for the Choice of Intervention

Anxiety causing stress is a normal feeling that affects every individual from time to time. It is usually normal in all the individuals whose lives are full of difficulties and disappointments. However, it should be noted that when anxiety goes beyond the extreme levels, it results in problems that are associated with trying to abruptly end the feeling. The anxiety may end up, therefore, affecting normal life practices and behaviors. When the anxiety starts interfering with normal life there is a probability that an individual will suffer from General anxiety disorders (Quintana, 2013).

The psychiatrist needs to inspire trust and assure Jeremy that he will eventually get through the healing process. The motivation given to Jeremy will be adequate intervention for his depression goals as he will be aware of how to go about handling his future activities. Anxiety disorder is associated with chronic difficulties that are distressing but at times it is accompanied by nervousness that shows some fluctuation in the feelings.

There is a possibility that Jeremy has a phobia for certain events which is the reason for anxiety showing his real suffering in an environment that is not at all being helpful to his case. Talking about his condition will help him get through it as the advice with acts as a form of motivation to help in growth towards positivity. His therapy will require appropriate rehabilitation through psychotherapy and drugs which are for the purpose of helping the individuals with these types of conditions.

In most cases, anxiety is defined as a way of responding to specific types of threats or even some kind of psychological stress. This is a condition that is he has been experiencing on a regular basis. This kind of anxiety is probably as a result of the normal biological functions rooted to the normal fear and it is, therefore, an important survival mechanism according to the majority of people who find it easier and faster to get relief. The anxiety is usually known to trigger either a counter or an escape mode to a situation whenever the body is faced with an unpleasant situation. When depression is triggered, there are distinct physical responses that accompany the situation some of which include an increase in the flow of the blood in the body and an increase in the activity of the muscles. This becomes an important response because it aids in dealing with this situation in life.

The bottled up energy in the body may help to escape from a furious animal, escape from an area of an attack like the terror attack or even attacking an aggressor. Despite all this significance, there is also an interference of the normality in the activities of the body when the depression is intense hence the reason for low performance at work, which occurs with some frequency, lasts for a long time and when it occurs at the wrong time it leads to other adverse effects to work (Kemp et al., 2012). When this happens, it is not referent as a healthy condition but it becomes a disorder. The depression disorders are not easily recognized by the individuals who have them. At some times they are not also recognized by the health practitioners and due to this reason, they are not treated at the best time leading to more complications in the body and the entire life. In that case, Carla will need to be on medication and at the same time be seeing a psychiatrist for proper therapy.

How My Work Is Culturally Responsive

My work is culturally responsive in that there are issues depression that society tries to address by describing the relation with the behavior of an individual and how they need to mitigate it. Cultural responsiveness tries to describe happiness in relation to a psychiatric disorder. My work is therefore aimed at describing the major effects of the disorder in relation to pleasant behavior. The pieces of literature have also revealed that happiness can be categorized as an abnormal practice and it is composed of cluster symptoms, abnormalities that are cognitive in nature and it reflects the nervous system functions of an individual. According to culture, therefore, remains to be that happiness should not be valued in a negative way and this has been dismissed and considered as an object that is irrelevant scientifically. Instances of depression should be replaced by the need for happiness.

The psychosis explanation and the nature of human beings reveal the need to be happy which is cut short by issues of anxiety. There has been some satire in existence and the one that continues to be among the paradigm that is dominant. These paradigms are related to the fields within which there are organization and planning of the psychiatric practice. There is an association between happiness and struggle within the lives of human beings. There are questions raised about the relationship between happiness and struggle before making a connection with the healthiness of an individual and good performance at work.

There are genetic expressions that are associated with expressing stress as well as happiness. In general, the issue revolves around anxiety and therefore it results in a hedonism relationship that is upgraded. This is with the aim of expressing the natural science that is associated with the existence of happiness and the dissociation of well being that is molecular from the one that is effective. This clarification is significant to psychologists because while the happiness phenomenology explains that happiness is caused by hedonic experiences, the truth is that happiness is basically related to the antagonizing experiences in the life of an individual. These two explanations are significant in the determination of the reason why happiness may or may not be retained. As such, happiness is determined by the nature of an individual.

Evidence of Outcome

It is my hope that the outcome will result in a decrease in the levels of anxiety which is caused by anything, be it stress at her place of work or problems relating to relationship and social associations. We already understand that our bodies emerge from the material organization that is molecular and this should be part of the fetishization of the scale of human beings. The phenomenology in the explanation of human happiness is rooted in the biological structure as well as the disposition towards the environment. It is, therefore, the explanation that outlines the effects that can be caused by the interaction of the bodies with the various environments. Human beings are able to glean some experiences that basically affect their lives and them, therefore, capture less molecular levels of sensibility and equally fewer experiences in the interaction between the molecular and social aspects. The issues of anxiety when treated will ensure better performance at places of work and generally in life.

Anxiety disorders are associated with the environment as well as genetic factors although the exact cause of the disorders is not well established. The environmental factors can affect the composition of the brain as well as its chemistry. There is more research on the possible causes of the disorder that are underway. The research also reveals that the section of the brain that affects the response to fear may be greatly involved. Anxiety disorders are also believed to occur as a result of the consumption of substances alongside depression. Drugs are used by various individuals to lower the effects of the symptoms that are accompanied by anxiety disorders a practice which ends up complication the situation.

Further Steps

The treatment of the condition is considered to follow specific precautions which are recommended by the expert some of them include some basic activities like being active. This type of treatment is known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The patient may inter...

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