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Managing Perceived Stress Among College Students

Date:  2021-05-20 16:25:06
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Stress that we experience can be harmless and most times helpful and stimulating

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Little stress is harmless but the problem comes when it is excessive ("UF Counseling and Wellness Center").


Sources of stress

The environment







Hormonal fluctuations


Poor nutrition



Negative self-talk



Social stressors

Financial problems


Loss of loved ones

Social events.

Symptoms of stress

Physical symptoms

High blood pressure

muscular tension







Emotional symptoms


Fear or anxiety

Mood swings


Feeling overwhelmed.

Cognitive symptoms

Unwanted or repetitive thoughts

Difficulty in concentration


Ways of managing stress

Developing a balanced lifestyle

A student who always eats poorly, doesnt get enough sleep and is always feeling overwhelmed always copes poorly with stressful events.

Every student needs to pay proper attention to their own well-being and therefore they should get enough amounts of sleep, food, exercise and recreation (Seaward, 2013).

Students should always stay organized and exercise effective time management so that they are not constantly trying to catch up; trying to hurry from one activity to the next and always race with the clock.

Gain perspective by discussing problems

It is easy for a student to get caught up in a problem and lose perspective making them to feel that a road block or failure is a catastrophe.

It is advised to discuss problems with a friend who can be trusted and emphatic as this will allow you to move out of what you may deem to be an isolated and negative world.

Speaking about your problems or concerns will help you gain a sense of control over the situation ("UF Counseling and Wellness Center").

Relaxation techniques

Engaging in relaxation techniques is a very vital component in managing stress.

These techniques include meditation, deep muscle relaxation and self-hypnosis.

These techniques make it possible for the body and mind to rest and screens out the outside world for a short period of time.

Practicing one or more of these techniques can be wonderfully calming may have lasting effects for many students.

Sitting quietly for at least 15 minutes with no interruptions and focusing on peaceful thoughts may also be a good way of ridding yourself of stress (Seaward, 2013).

Clarifying values and developing a sense of meaning

For students stress can often be caused by a general feeling of unhappiness and lack of purpose.

Students often make choices that dont fit them.

For example a student may choose to pursue accounting when he or she really wants to be a musician.

Evaluating yourself and effectively deciding what you really want to do will make you feel better about yourself and give you the satisfaction that will be useful in dealing with stresses of life and school (Chao, 2012).


A little stress is not always harmful and can be helpful and stimulating

Excessive amounts of stress can cause severe negative effects to a students health

Stress can be caused by environmental, physical and social factors

Leaning how to manage stress can be very beneficial. Students can manage stress by;

Developing a balanced lifestyle

Discussing problems with friends

Engaging in relaxation techniques

Taking control of their lives and knowing what they want and pursuing it

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