Depression: A Severe Medical Illness With Treatments Available - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


The patient in the video is suffering from depression. Primarily, according to the American psychiatric association, depression denotes a severe depressive disorder that is characteristically common and dire medical sickness that harmfully affects how an individual feel, act and think. Luckily, there are medical remedies for treating depression. Also, depression subjects a person into feeling sad and the loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. This is relatively the exact condition that Alison is suffering from; low mood. Therefore, Alison ought to receive apropos psychiatric treatment to avoid further deterioration of her health into more physical and emotional problems that will extensively decrease her ability to aptly function both at home and the supermarket where she works.

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First Stage

The focal point of the interviewer at this stage is chiefly to take the history of the client; Alison. History taking is mainly for developing the most apropos diagnosis for the client. However, the interviewer conducts the psychiatric interview in a friendly way that mostly helps to establish a good rapport between Alison and herself. The excellent rapport is very pivotal since it helps to motivate Ms. Alison to open up on her present situation since the interviewer is a sympathetic listener.

Stage Two

The second stage entails the interviewer asking critical questions to Ms. Alison. Some of these questions include her relationship with Dave, the things she used to enjoy and if still, she enjoys them, the pattern of her sleep, her interaction with her children, her appetite level, interest in sex, how the level of depression has affected her work at the supermarket among other questions (Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Depression, 2012). Mainly, Alison's answers are negative and show high level of low moods and sadness that indisputably ascertains Alison is indeed suffering from depression. However, these questions as asked by the interviewer are aimed to examine Alison's mental state. Therefore, examining Alison's mental state makes it possible to establish either the presence or absence of specific psychiatric symptoms and therefore recommended a seemly diagnosis for basing the treatment procedure.

Stage Three

Mainly, the intend of the mental health provider moving the patient to actions associated with productive and successful living is to provide the much-needed treatment by Ms. Alison. Primarily, this is the critical goal of the interview; to offer the client treatment to her depression illness. The expectations after that are that Ms. Alison will be in a position to regain her usual state of mind after being taken through the actions associated with effective and successful living.


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