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Mountain State Healthcare is an organization that has experienced various transformations over the years. This has been dramatically influenced by the regional operations of the organization which allows it to venture into different regions and administer their services. The management of the organization is a significant reference to the success of the organization because through the excellent governance of the organization of hospitals success has been achieved. It is unfortunate however that the organization has been faced with income challenges recently which has resulted in the worse position of the organization in comparison to the previous years. There have been several activities revolving around the administration of the organization including the incorporation of new posts. After the realization of the lost income which resulted in higher management costs compared to other hospitals which did not function under the organization. Its introduction, MSH started as a single emergency focus masterminded in Salt Lake City, Utah (Christenson, M. et al., 2006). The issue identifies with business morals by clearing up it from a deontologist, utilitarian and a prudence ethicist's perspective. Aaron loved Kyle who had worked for him already. A smidgen at any given moment it was felt that a portion of the authoritative expenses of MSH was higher which was understanding the decrease of points of interest which could be of ideal position to the budgetary pros.

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The affiliation's structure centered on improving proficiency through competent errands. Plans for this directorate have stayed cautious until authority for this office was picked, and it would be his/her business to make the game-plan open once everything looked extraordinary. Most importantly, their in-house structure worked by the alliance's IT office, while astonishing nonetheless, wasn't hard to use and was coming up short in the wording of handiness. It is in like way solidifies a solid and fast usage plan which thoroughly delineates the frameworks and requesting of accumulation for their social occasion. The affiliation comparably moved from pitching things to selling total game-plans. Kyle had unexpected direction and master foundation, and he was a touch of Aaron's social affair when he managed the merger of Utah's state charging office.

Analysis of the Situation

In every organization, the type of structure, as well as the involved members, play a part in the manner in which the organization performs. This ranges right from the management of the organization to the staff members of the organization. It is essential to understand that the relationships within the working environment determine the production of the organization as seen in the case of mountain state healthcare. The excellent management over the years is the crucial element to the success of the organization including the leadership skills employed by some of the clinics and health centers that were absorbed by the organization (Christenson, M. et al., 2006). However, the problems arise at the point of issuing the procedures, protocols, and laws of the organization. Having a high population of workers across several states requires the best medium of communication. Previously, there was the use of paper manuals as well as the official site that was homemade as the media of communicating the policies of the organization. However, there was the unreliability factor of the medium as most of the information relayed by the means was duplicated. Therefore, various cases came up as a result and which shared a joint base of miscommunication. This was a regular report from various departments accounting for the misconduct within the working environment which as a result was translating the incurred costs by the organization.

Technology advancement within the organization is quite evident from the period before 2006 to the current situation of the organization. This has been dramatically influenced by the information technology department of the organization that has helped in the installation of systems within the organization which as a result will help to account for activities and costs within the working environment. However, the fact that it was not user-friendly makes the whole great idea to miss the mark and the essence of technology. This would be followed up by the replacement of systems that would only make the situation worse than before.

After the declaration of the two positions at the administrative unit of the organization, there was a consideration of the medical billing by the then appointed officer of the information technology. At this point, the stakeholders were suffering loses of the costs incurred in the administrative processes and more money was getting lost compared to other facilities. Also, as a regional organization, there was more advantage given to other health facilities in the designated districts as more money was taken from the facilities of MSH in new regions of administration. With such costs adding up to the gross income of the organization, more concern had to be raised primarily to the technical team that was responsible for ensuring that the most effective tools of the survey had been kept in place. As a result, there was much interference with the regular running of activities within the organization especially with the introduction of the new power.

The new position saw the election of director Kyle Christensen who was chosen under the prevailing conditions of sexism and favoritism. This role came about with the responsibility of looking after the organizational activities and functioning as well as the administration of policies and technology which would be capable enough for the organization. During the time of his service as the occupant of the new director position, Kyle relied mostly on few advisories as he did not give room for the internal report on his administration (Gardner, T., Gavaza, P., Meade, P., & Adkins, D. M. 2012). Working with Aaron who advocated for his selection and who was the leader of the information technology at the time only made the situation worse for the organization. The consolidation of the medical bill was the suggestion that has been made by Aaron, and through the experience with the elected director, he was able to implement the merger with the state billing office of Utah. It would not have been challenging to execute the move as other state facilities have already consolidated the medical bill and thus, it would not have been trying to strengthen the law collectively. However, there was the issue that was brought forth through the administration of Kyle which was lack of incorporating the employees and the members of the staff while executing various roles and duties within the organization. The employees felt that they were left out of the organizational responsibilities which ran right from the inclusion of new functions and duties by the director as well as the change of shifts among the employees. It is also a matter of concern that the duties of the new director had not been revealed before the election of Kyle Christensen which came as a surprise to the organization with the full power bestowed to him. Therefore, the policies and the laws of the organization had not entirely depicted his responsibilities. This atmosphere was, as a result, making the staff members leave as the strategies employed by the then officer did not incorporate their needs, and his lack of contemplation of the employee demands made the situation even worse.


In such a situation, it would have been best if Kyle Christensen had incorporated the needs of the employees in the system that he had adopted for the organization. It was clear that there was a need for Coleen's intervention who without having got the position under unfavorable conditions was getting enough attention from the staff members. Therefore, working with such influence in the organization would have made the situation better. Also, the organization needs to establish a policy of election within the organization which should give equal chances among the employees in the organization and which would help to place most qualified people for the leadership positions. In the case of Coleen, she had been disqualified for the area under unfair grounds of sexism as well as favoritism. The vision owned by Kyle was not working, and he was not ready to take in any advice especially not from his competitor. Also, the call made by Coleen to leave the organisati8on prompted further results of employees who wanted to move as well. This was supposed to be waking call of the higher positions of the organization to reconduct the elections or do away with Kyle's management. It's a business keen Board of Directors changed the office into a gainful and useful alliance. The unquestionably excellent idea is taken in picking a staff that is fit and helpful. Regardless, the workplaces were to be associated with a more noteworthy office inside their zone of development. From the case indeed, the association isn't immediate and is biased.


Adapted from "A Case Of Lost Influence: The Need For Flexibility And Exchanges," by Prof. Allan Cohen, Babson University.

Gardner, T., Gavaza, P., Meade, P., & Adkins, D. M. (2012). Delivering free healthcare to rural Central Appalachia population: the case of the Health Wagon. Rural Remote Health, 12, 2035.

Christenson, M., Hitt, J. A., Abbott, G., Septimus, E. J., & Iversen, N. (2006). Improving patient safety: resource availability and application for reducing the incidence of healthcare-associated infection. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 27(3), 245-251.

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