Movie Analysis Essay Alice in Wonderland

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Date:  2023-01-29


Alice in Wonderland is a good example of a film with heroes journey. Alice is an extraordinary character in the film because she was supposed to bring redemption in her region. the film starts in Alice's ordinary world; therefore, giving an important introduction to the movie. the ordinary world of Alice was set during the Victorian era in England. During her lifetime, Alice faced a lot of challenges including criticisms from other people, for example, during a carriage with her mother, she was criticized for her dressing mode (Bassil-Morozow 228), Helena. Alice was supposed to save Wonderland all people living in that place because the Red Queen was mistreating her subjects. Alice left her ordinary home to restore peace in Wonderland and end the evil leadership of the Red Queen.

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How Alice in Wonderland Film Fulfill the Archetypal Theory

The film, Alice in Wonderland applies the Archetypical theory because most of the characters have the personalities relating to the features of the theory. conflict is among the main themes in the films because Alice is expected to restore peace in Wonderland by fighting against the Red Queen (Compton et al., 68). there is a battle between evil and good because the Red Queen fights against the White Queen in the region; therefore, Alice supports the White Queen because of her desire to restore peace and good leadership in Wonderland. The Red Queen has an extraordinary weapon called jabberwocky that has given her superiority in Wonderland; therefore, instilling fear in people. Alice uses her powers to slay and destroy the jabberwocky weapon used by the Red Queen; therefore, enabling the White Queen to regain leadership in Wonderland.

The villain is portrayed in the film because the Red Queen represents the evil figure. The Red Queen is an antagonist in the film because she is against Alice's operations towards attaining her desires in Wonderland. The Red Queen is evil and her cruelty rules Wonderland (Bassil-Morozow, 232), Helena. Alice leaves her ordinary world to restore peace in the region and stop evil leadership of the Red Queen. the evil nature of the Red Queen drives her to selflessly tear down Wonderland instead of using the powers to support people and promote peace. The Red Queen overthrows the White Queen for her gain. After gaining the leadership position, the Red Queen uses her power to instil fear in the subjects. Secondly, Alice is a loaner character in the film because she moves out of her ordinary world to restore peace and humanity in Wonderland. Alice is the protagonist that represents an archetype of heroism in the film. Being the protagonist in the film, Alice undergoes all stages of the heroes journey. Alice also slays and destroys the jabberwocky; therefore, defeating the Red Queen and helping the White Queen in restoring her leadership position in Wonderland. the defeat of the Red Queen results to the end of misery and evil leadership.

Additionally, the White Queen depicts the archetype of the goddess in the film because of her good leadership and humanity in Wonderland. being the goddess of Wonderland, the White Queen acts gracefully towards all people and animals; therefore, promoting peace. The White Queen is also compassionate and kind to all characters in the film; therefore, portraying her innocence (Compton et al., 40). The Red Queen advice Alice to the put on an outfit in the battle for her security. also, the White Queen is compassionate because she does not behead the Red Queen after slaying the jabberwocky instead, she gives her a chance to change her character traits.

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