Movie Analysis Essay on Born This Way: Deaf Out Loud

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Date:  2023-01-10


Born this way: deaf out loud is a film about three hearing-impaired families who are utilizing different communication to survive everyday life. The three families show the viewers the diversity of the deaf community today. It shows how their culture differs from hearing culture. Watching this film made me see positive images of the deaf community. The film is well directed and represented the voice of the deaf community well. Through this film, many people learned a lot about hearing challenged people which will help to open doors and increase their opportunities in the career field. The film explained many things about hearing impaired that were ignored in hearing movies.

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In the film' deaf out lout loud', what stood out for me was how deaf people are different. In the movie, I watched the Paco Garcia family how they used various methods to communicate. Some had a hearing aid, while others used American Sign Language (ASL) to connect them to other people with hearing impairment. I was very fascinated by their capability to read lips, facial expressions, and body language to interpret what the other person was saying. It cleared all the misconceptions about hearing impaired people communicating. I was able to see how different families handled things in their way and participated in every aspect of society.

Deaf culture is like everybody else; the only thing that is missing is hearing sense. They do not believe that they are disabled since that would make them feel like they lack something. The parents teach the baby ASL as their first language and teach them how to embrace their culture. After watching this film, I discovered that not all deaf persons' employ sign language and some deaf persons could use their voice. I was able to understand many variations used by deaf communities. Hearing impaired genuinely care about one another and live in a unique way which allows them to know their identity. The hearing deficiency makes them view the world differently without any plan of fixing it.

I always knew that hearing impaired parent has I high possibility of a child with hearing loss. By watching the film, this was reinforced by watching families that had six children four of them with hearing defect. Most of the infants are born without hearing but what I did not know is that parents with a hearing problem can have hearing children. This came as a surprise when I found out Paco's wife was hearing child from deaf parents. I also learned how important it is to learn ASL as a fundamental human right. Olson argues that learning sign language makes communication more comfortable and help to make a connection with a non-hearing person (2018).

Through my line of work, I have interacted with hearing impaired regularly. This encouraged me to learn a few sign few languages signs to communicate better with them. During the film, this was reflected since some of the signs were being used. Sign language is widely used, and it is different between countries and regions. It is essential to understand their language since it is a useful tool to make hearing impaired feel acknowledged.

The film discussed a lot about the deafness. It helped many people to understand hearing impaired rights and their cultural practices. It minimized the gap between the hearing challenged and hearing community. I feel it might have been significant if the film discussed more the cochlear implant surgery and its importance. This is because there is a lot of controversy among hearing impaired community regarding cochlear implants. This issue should be emphasized to make it clear that everybody should have a right to choose a hearing aid

Work Cited

Olson, Bekah L. Down side up: representations of Down syndrome in Born This Way. Diss. 2018.

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