Movie Analysis Essay on "One-Minute Workout Motivation - Street Workout Estonia"

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Date:  2023-01-12


60 Seconds documentary series was a program comprising of news which ran between BBC shows. It was a program broadcasted on BBC news format and branding with various presenters such as Andy May and James Dagwell. As described by the title, the programme ran for 60 seconds whereby the presenter would condense all the news he/she wanted to present into a sixty seconds bulletin. The news comprised of entertainment, sports and the news of the day. Sixty seconds docs was generally a series of documentaries that could be described as diverse with unique characters, expressions, and practices that basically make up the world that was aimed at providing a new look of the world (Hanna et al.). The rhetorical analysis of one of the sixty seconds of documentary films, "One-minute workout motivation - Street workout Estonia" is described below.

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"One-minute workout motivation - Street workout Estonia" published on 19th June 2017 was a sixty-second documentary program that was aimed at entertaining and motivating the implied readers. The film constitutes people doing workouts and exercises outside, using different structures. The film is nonfiction based and presents a rhetorical situation comprising of the rhetor, the audience, the message, and the purpose and exigence. The four fundamental frameworks are interrelated. The author presents the film in response to motivating the audience, on the methods of workout. The message being passed is the concept of motivation in doing the workout. The audience of the film are the viewers who watched the film that lasted for sixty seconds. This is because people who viewed the film might have been entertained and impressed by the actors in the film. Nonetheless, the film is presented to the people who viewed it.

The importance of the film was to motivate the audience on the workout. The actions of the actors of the film are perfectly marching the concept being depicted. The acting is thrilling, and the actors are acting effectively with persuasiveness. Furthermore, the film is entertaining. It acts as a piece of entertainment, watching the characters in the film do enticing workouts. Therefore, the reader should gain motivation for doing workout and on how to do them since the film clearly demonstrates. The author's argument is how challenging, exciting, and enlightening the workout demonstrated is. The actors are focused and show commitment to the workout session. The author builds his argument by presenting the actors into thrilling, inspiring, and awesome workouts. The importance of the style depicted in the film outlines the personality of the actors. It shows the commitment and dedication that is required in the workout. This makes the audience get inspiration and motivation in the workouts.

The author has used specific rhetoric strategies to enhance the argument of the message in the film. For instance, the use of genre. The genre used in the film is advert based. Framing is also used. The framing used creates an open forum to enhance a persuasive aspect to the audience. Identification is also another rhetoric strategy that has been employed, whereby the author wants the audience to identify the motivation aspect in the workout film. The use of rhetorical appeals has also been evident in the sixty-second documentary (Leach and Joan 216). The rhetorical appeals used are logos, ethos, and pathos. The logos appeal that has been used is of inductive reasoning that takes specific facts presented in the film and enhances the process of drawing conclusions. Ethos used has depicted the aspect of ethical appeals based on the character, credibility, and reliability depicted from the film. Pathos appeal has also been demonstrated in the emotional sensibilities of the film.


In conclusion, it is well justified from the above analysis that the author has successfully enhanced his argument. Therefore, there has been the effectiveness of the motivation aspect from the sixty seconds film.

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