My Philosophy on the Development and Learning of Young Children Essay

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Date:  2022-08-18


I believe that every child develops and learns differently depending on the setting, environment, availability of support and learning materials. However, during the development and learning, there are particular aspects that these children should be taught, know and be able to do. Different instructional strategies are available to help these kids learn along the way, and parent's involvement is of great importance for that matter. I understand well that all children start learning even before they are born. After birth, children go through many areas of development by taking every step to experience learning at home and at school too. At home, children learn differently from the approach to learning in school. At home, children learn and develop from the parents or caregivers. The experiences at home teach the children to develop their potential. In all places, kids learn and grow physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. In these different ways of child development, there are things that children should know and do.

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What Children Should Know and Do

Children develop physically since birth and grow from one stage to another. What they should know and do is the involvement in many physical activities to strengthen and build their muscles. Mentally, the child develops as one grows. They should be given different experiences early to influence their development. Kids should be involved in activities to generate their learning patterns mentally. They should know and interact with the environment, know how to socialize and language skills.

As they develop, children start by having a sense of self, then, a sense of belonging. Development of their social skills makes them have a sense of belonging to their family and other people. Kids learn by watching others play and do things. That way, they experience different ways of interacting. In that case, kids should know how to and interact with others. Through playing, the kids grow at various stages. They should know how to and play alone, play near other children and play with others, play and share, organize a game and play with a purpose. These are performing skills that reveal that a child is developing and learning social skills. Through their social development, kids learn how to respect others and resolve conflicts peacefully. Therefore, children should know how to interact in positive ways to learn and develop social skills.

Emotionally, children learn to experience the existence of other people and that they are not alone in the world. Children learn to depend on others. In that case, they understand to trust and not to trust some of the people. I believe that at different stages of development, kids will present different ways of growth emotionally. For instance, as toddlers, children are proud of themselves and their accomplishments. They state their desires and opinions. In their preschool, children develop and learn to stay away from parents and to adjust to the school environment. At this stage of early schooling, children learn to take part in various activities in the classroom, solve conflicts using words, and control their emotions. The kids learn that it is ok to make mistakes and develop their confidence and love themselves. Therefore, kids should know how to solve problems in a peaceful way or turns. They should also constructively resolve their problems with others.

Instructional Strategies that I have Learned Along the Way

While learning about childhood development, I have realized several instructional strategies that can be helpful in assisting kids to learn including multisensory instruction, modeling and group instructions. I have learned that multisensory guidelines help children by touching, hearing, moving and touching. Through speaking or playing with a child, the kid develops physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. All the sensory organs develop, and the child learns during the classroom activities. Children also learn through the modeling technique. In this approach, I have realized that kids follow what they are told to do. A parent or a teacher can tell kids what needs to be done. The children can also follow the given instructions to learn a particular thing. The learning skills help the child develop to know how to solve skills, socialize, think of initiatives to play and interact with others. Children can also learn through group instructions inside and outside the classroom. The educator teaches the kids as a group, and they follow the instructions as a team.

My Feelings about Parent Involvement

I feel that parent involvement is an essential aspect of achieving effecting child development and learning. The parent teaches the child since birth and when a toddler. Therefore, the parent has a lot of information that can help any other individual assisting a child or involved in the life of that kid. Parent involvement can help a teacher know how to handle a child during their preschool years and education. For myself, the parent is the first teacher and caretaker to a child. Therefore, they set the foundational developmental skills of the kids. Parents are very instrumental to the development and learning of the children cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially. Involving them is crucial to understanding the shift and changes in a child's development and learning.

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