Essay on Event or Set of Events That You Find Significant

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Date:  2021-10-01

Answer: One of the events that I find significant is the interdependence, which exists between the management, human resource professionals, and employees. The human resource professionals design policies, philosophies, and practices that will guide the organization as it seeks to fulfil the objectives and goals of the firm (Boxall & Purcell, 2011; Bryman & Bell, 2015). On the other hand, the management has a responsibility of enacting the philosophical ideas in the organization and implementing them through the successful development of rules and regulations, which every member of staff must observe (Purce, 2014). The human resource manager selects a team of employees from a list of applicants who they feel to have a higher probability of providing their evidenced by their qualifications and experiences. Therefore, employees enact the HRM systems through the activities they have to do on a daily basis (De Winne & Sels, 2010; Pilbeam & Corbridge, 2010). The interactions of employees with each other and with the management become the actual implementation of HRM concepts. This means that the roles of a human resource manager in an organization has evolved and are involved in the business planning process as well as its implementation.

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Question II: How was strategic HRM introduced in academia/universities?

Answer: Strategic HRM was introduced in learning institutions in the early-1980s when some professors from the esteemed Harvard School of Business helped design a course in HRM (Katou & Budhwar, 2010). The professionals incorporated the HRM course in their Masters programs with the intention of integrating the managerial lessons into the human resource workforce in the organizations. The professors also wanted to train individuals on how to handle the most important resource in the workplace, employees, in a professional manner (Golding, 2010; Gooderham & Nordhaug, 2011). Training human resource managers meant that organizations would perform better as well as expand its operations through the application of knowledge and experiences when dealing with corporate knowledge (Jackson, Schuler, & Jiang, 2014; Jarvalt & Randma-Liiv, 2010).


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