Narrative Essay: My Interest to Swimming

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Date:  2021-06-03

Indeed honesty and transparency are most valuable core values that every individual should explore in every situation one is involved in. Although sometimes one may be forced to engage in dishonest practices to gain a particular thing, it is always unethical and not advisable to tell a lie because it may come back haunting you. Throughout my years in high, I had never had a chance to board to represent the school in any completion. I felt I was not helping the school in any way apart from the proving excellent performance in class. Most of my free time, I could spend watching other people play in the field. Specifically, I was fascinated by the school swimming team. The team was impressing; they were performing well in the local competitions. I loved watching the swimmers make their captivating moves. I developed a good attitude in the game.

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Watching swimming became my hobby since I could hardly miss any swimming practice or the internal competitions in the school. After continuous soul-searching, I thought my talent was hidden in the water. This was my chance to showcase my talent and also represent the school in the outside competitions. I was shy and nervous to approach either the school swimming coach or my fellow classmate who happened to be the swimming captain. The coach looked friendly and very accommodative, but I was afraid of various embarrassing questions if have ever stepped into a swimming pool or any source of water in the name swimming. Considering my age and height, this could be the most embarrassing question that could subject the whole team into uncontrollable laughter. All in all, I wanted to learn the game, to join the team and represent the school in the main competitions before I could graduate from the school.

One day I gathered all the possible courage to approach the school captain. However, I thought that was not the best protocol. I felt I needed to approach my peer who was also my classmate and happened to be the captain. I wanted him to back me up before I could express my interest to the coach. The young man who was tall, dark and good looking was a source of pride to the whole school. The skills, strength, and speed he showcased in the main competitions earned him good reputations both in school and their neighboring schools. He brought in many trophies in almost all swimming competition events including the butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, and the individual medley. He was considered a swimming maestro, therefore, approaching him was also not just a walk in the park. I decided to contact him on his way for training. Surprisingly, he keenly listened to my request and willingly invited me to the first training session where he could introduce to both the team and the coach. This was only after I had courageously stated that I was once a good swimmer.

Finally, I felt relieved of the heavy burden which was placed on me. That day I never forgot to bring with me my new swimming costume which I had asked my mother to buy me during the weekend. I was introduced to the team with the captain who vividly explained to the coach that they are privileged to have a new member of the team who could be precious to the team with his skills and experience. Although, I was happy to receive much acknowledgments and recognition, at the back of my mind I knew I lied to the team.

Despite the fact that I knew that learning how to swim was one of the hardest things I ever wanted to engage in, I still continued lying to everyone how I used to be a good swimmer before. Although, water have never been my friend, is still wanted to learn how to swim. Moreover, I also thought that swimming was a good exercise which could help me to have physical strength.

The time for the practical lesson had approached. After the coached had briefed the team of the days activity, everyone headed to the locker room to change into their respective bathing suits. My heart jumped when the coach shouted my name that I was among the first to start the swimming test which was specifically meant to improve the underwater dolphin kick. The name only made me a bit nervous as kept wondering how I was going to the dolphin kicks inside water. Nonetheless, I timidly stood by the side of the swimming pool in the sixth lane.

Apparently, I was the first to show up, and it clearly demonstrated how enthusiastic I was to learn how to swim. After a couple of seconds, the teacher and other five students showed up ready to commence the practice. Certainly, began to shake by the poolside. The teacher looked at me and smiled thinking that it was just my normal way of reacting. Honestly, I was afraid of water, and I never liked water. Moreover, I did not know how to skillfully jump into the water just like the rest of the team members. Similarly, when the coach ordered our start, courageously frog jumped into the water producing a thunderous sound. All over a sudden, I sank inside and drank a lot of water. Immediately, the rescue team quickly swam in to save me. Luckily, I survived the ordeal, but unfortunately, everyone broke into uncontrollable laughter after I confessed that I honestly never knew how to swim. However, the coach was touched with my story and explanations and offered me a chance in the junior team, and I was successful in my training lessons till I finally graduated to the senior team.


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