New Belgium Viewing Co.: Increasing Customers via Facebook - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-20


In the case study of the new Belgium viewing company, the primary aim of the company was to increase the number of customers for the product not only in Belgium but also in other countries within the continent.

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The case also highlights the alternative approaches towards achieving this specific objective. In the target of a large number of population, the company used the world's current most popular social media platform Facebook, to attract many of its customers (Culnan et al., 2010). The company created a Facebook group known as friend2friend. Generally, the Belgium brewing company encouraged the used of the online platforms to reach their customers, but specifically, they chose on Facebook, because it was the most famous with the most significant number of users. Nevertheless, just using Facebook was not enough to help the company reach its aims. It used a trick of including online competitive activities on the platform, like the bike competitions. In the "what's your folly?" plan, there were one and the most critical step before registering or getting into the competition, one was to become a fan first. And therefore, this motivated people as the majority became the company's fans to get into the competition.

Ideally, the decision made by the brewing company to select on Facebook as their online business advertising platform was the best one despite the existence of other social media platforms. One of the reasons, Facebook being the current largest and leading online platform, it is true without a doubt that almost 90% of members of the other platforms like Instagram, snapchat and Twitter, are al present in Facebook (Culnan et al., 2010). I would have, therefore used this logic to also pick on Facebook as the online platform to use.

However, before making that decision, other factors that I could have considered are the cost of advertising or engaging in creating the websites, and the available qualified internet experts to run the sites properly. Having seen that, it is then easier to decide on whether to create a website in every platform or prefer one due to the potential reasons obtained from the evaluation step.


In conclusion, a new Belgium brewing company is a technologically advanced company, which have enough knowledge and understanding of the need of customers in business. The "what's your folly?" plan can be generalised as a strategic marketing plan with a core aim of adding fans for the sold product. For instance, the aligned objectives target the marketing and sales of the company' beer in the following aspect; by stating that the company wishes to engage all the existing and available fans to reach out to other new fans, shows that the company is busy with the customers for the beer and not even the bike competition itself as they portray it. Also, one of the objectives also states that the main aim is to increase the number of fans, which are not only consumers but targets for the future generated products by the company. This indicates to what extent the Belgium brewing company values its sales for the beers and are even optimistic for the future and newly produced goods.


Culnan, M. J., McHugh, P. J., & Zubillaga, J. I. (2010). How large US companies can use Twitter and other social media to gain business value. MIS Quarterly Executive, 9(4).

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