Nutritionist Job Research Paper

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Date:  2022-09-17


(2016) describes career development as a lifelong process of tailoring one's professional growth towards the attainment of one's career-related ambitions through performing activities that enhance one's growth in the chosen professional path. Nutrition, according to Whitney and Rolfes (2018), is the science that interprets the relationship between nutrients and growth, reproduction and health in living organisms. This makes nutrition an important aspect of human lives.

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When searching for employment in the nutrition field, one needs to be aware of the various titles in the field. Nutrition is a broad field that deals with a wide range of services ranging from the examination of food and safe labeling of food products to regulating food production and nutrition writing. When tailoring one's career development path, one should first decide the dream position he or she wants to hold and direct his or her efforts towards attainment of the position. There are three top job titles that every person that is aspiring to join the nutrition field should search.

A nutritionist is a professional whose task is to offer professional advice on the impact of food on human health. The fundamental roles of a nutritionist include assessing the dietary needs of clients, creating customized nutrition plans for clients and offering nutrition counseling services. Nutritionists' services are highly required in nutrition companies as they help develop dietary plans for various groups of people such as lactating mothers, children and diabetic persons among others. Aspiring candidates should search for this job title because they would get a chance to help people live healthily and in turn, receive generous financial compensation.

Nutritional therapy is the second job title of interest to aspiring candidates. Nutritional therapists deal with analyzing a person's behavior to draw a customized nutritional plan. It is important to look up for this title as nutritional therapists are crucial to tackling lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Finally, food labeling specialists ensure that food labels such as nutritional facts, ingredients and allergen warnings are stated clearly and accurately on the food containers. They ensure that customers are informed of the possible implications of the foods they purchase and advice on how to handle the foods.

For one to have a successful career, one needs to join an organization that will exploit his or her potential, offers opportunities for development and help in the attainment of career goals. The U.S. is home to some of the best nutritional companies in the world. The top three most ideal employers include Herbalife Nutrition, Church & Dwight Co, Inc. and The Clorox Company. Herbalife Nutrition is known for its supplements, weight management, and sports nutrition foods. The company is one of the fastest growing nutrition companies having been founded thirty-two years ago. The Clorox Company and Church & Dwight Co, Inc. are internationally known household names due to their long history and production of quality products. These companies offer nutritionists opportunities to grow their careers and realize their dreams.


Having perfect knowledge of the skills relevant to one's career and being conversant with the language and terminologies used in the profession improves one's relationship with colleagues in the industry and enhances one's employment opportunities. Perfect knowledge in nutrition enhances an individual's employment and promotion opportunities. The nutrition industry is a technical field that requires a good understanding of the industry as it deals with improving human lives through healthy eating and living.


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