Eat Healthy: Nutrition and Its Essential Role in Health - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


A healthy diet can be referred to as the diet that helps in maintaining as well as improving the overall health. It involves essential micronutrients, fluid, macronutrients, and adequate calories. All these nutrients are necessary for the effective functioning of the body system. That means a healthy diet helps an individual in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing fats in the body, supporting energy and promoting good sleep (HealthLink, 2019). This blog has looked at the role of nutrition in the culinary industry and determination of credible nutrition website.

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Nutrition Will Play A More Critical Role in The Culinary Industry

The production of food is growing at a higher rate due to the increase in global population. This has shown that nutritional sustainability is essential and should be considered even in the future production Health Link, 2019. These are also increased scientific and technological advancement which has been enforced to deal with problems related to starvations and nutrition deficiencies. Besides this, there is an increased rate of consciousness that nutrition and diet are essential properties of a healthy life, and it is changing the food preferences and production. Nutrition is expected to play more critical roles in the culinary industries (industries related to cooking).

The main reason behind this is due to the increased development of processed food. People have been cooking food since the period of prehistory, and the processing has been changing sustainably. That to say, there has been an advancement of the initial product with the revolution of the industry. Besides this, there is lifestyle diseases have increased at a high rate and have become fast killing. This has put into considerations the types of food to processed and cooked in culinary industries. According to Gustafson (2016), the continued alarming increase in chronic diseases has been attributed to diet partially. This is believed to be contributed mostly by using more pesticides and excess antibiotics while farming, which in return decrease the number of nutrients in food. Competitions in culinary industries have also been increasing over time. This is expected to increase various techniques used in production. Some of the customer's essential factors to consider and makes the product better are taste, self-life, and appearance. Other customers have been enjoying value, convenience as well as consistency of the processed food. Lastly, the production processes for other culinary industries have also been improving intending to remove harmful ingredients and add better once. Since the process is growing, these industries have a high probability of becoming more in the future.

Credibility of Websites

The reliability of websites or any other sources is essential in giving reliable information. Some of the factors to consider in determining the credibility of the sites are; the author, his qualifications, the reference styles used, publication dates to show whether the information is recent or not, the domain of the website and the site designs (reliability of data). Considering this website;, it is not credible. To start with, it doesn't have the name of the author, which is the major contributor to credibility. The missing of authors name clearly shows that he was not willing to stand behind the presented information. Hence the information is not reliable. Furthermore, despite the information being published in 2019, its site design creates some doubts about the credibility of the websites. For instance, it lacks other sources, which would indicate the contribution of other scholars and researchers (2019).


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