Organizational, Interpersonal, and Group Communication in Hospital - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-21


Communication according to Chitty (2001) definition, is the sophisticated process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, and information on two significant levels; nonverbal and verbal (Marquis & Huston, 2017). Essential elements include at least a sender, the receiver and the message being sent. At a more complex model, the channel through the message will travel, internal and external climates and the environment affect communication success (Marquis & Huston, 2017).

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Indifference in the interpretation of the climate and weather factors between the persons communicating often lead to conflict. Internal climates include feelings, values, personality, and stress levels of both the sender and the receiver. While the external environment in communication weather conditions, such as the timing, organization, and context of communication. Also, external climate also encompasses authority (leadership) power and status (Marquis & Huston, 2017).

As a nurse, during my residential training, I experienced the most dramatic communication conflict with my supervisor Dr. Amanda Nelson, a Senior Peditriatic nurse. Unfortunately, it was communicated late that the hospital had decided to job-rotate all nurses who were less a year old in the institution. With limited time to ensure that the new strategy in work, all heads of departments including Dr. Amanda were asked to provide that all their team members were aware. She had an extreme British accent that made miss interpret some instructions she had given.

Several barriers resulted in the above case, (1) language; her deep accent blocked very important pronunciation that misled me to do some that I was not asked. (2) external climate - authority, as a superior, it was very challenging to keep on telling her to repeat herself, or talk slower, which prevent asking for clarification, and lastly (3), poor time of the Management general communication concerning the rotation (Kapur, 2018).

Effective communication plays a vital role in creating effective communication. Thus, in the scenario above, the right timing to pass a passage is crucial of communication. When a message gets communicated at the right time (not too early or too late) creates room for the receiver to evaluate the message and even give feedback. Focus majorly on written communication rather than verbal. Thus the institution and others like Dr. Amanda should consider connection more effectively by using rewritten documents. However verbal communication will be a good enhancer (Andrews, 2017).


In conclusion, communication plays a significant role in ensuring that messages, ideas, and thoughts are passed from one person to another. However, indifference in one's internal and external climates lead to conflicts.

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