Paper Example on Arab American Culture

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Date:  2022-09-15


Arab speaking countries highly emphasize formal education, and they support it as a means of facilitating personal and spiritual development.

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Many Arab American families from different nations have therefore moved into the United States in different proportions to seek educational opportunities for their children as shown.

Arabic families traditionally value education and encourage their children to work hard which is why most Arab American students demonstrate success even though they encounter high levels of racism (Donovan, 2013).

The large number of Arabic-speaking students in the education systems of America calls for educators to learn more about this ethnic group.

It is critical for educators to know that even though some Arab Americans have assimilated the American way of life, many have maintained high multiculturalism levels.

Arab American students need to transition between their homelands' educational experiences to the American system of education.

Studies show that American schools have failed to address the cultural, psychological, and educational needs of Arab Americans (Bousquet, 2012).

To assist Arab students in transitioning to the American system of education, educators need to learn the similarities and differences that exist between the American and Middle Eastern education systems.

They also need to present a view that is more balanced of Arabic politics, culture, and history to ensure that Arab students are not segregated.


The United States' constitution is critical in comprehending the basic rights of every American citizen, and it is also the nation's legal backbone.

Although Arab Americans have similar fundamental rights as other Americans, some have faced infringement of their rights through different forms of discrimination, and this may have been facilitated by the limited representation of Arab Americans in politics (Barreto & Dana, 2018).

One main issue that has prevented the Arab Americans from participating hugely in politics is the lack of financial resources needed for them to compete with other ethnic groups such as the Jewish-American community.

It is estimated that there are three million Arab Americans in the US. Out of these, only seventeen Arab American people have been elected into Congress. However, beyond the voting process, Arab Americans have not been involved in political activities.

Moreover, many Arab Americans do not comprehend how the political system operates (Wilson Center, 2016).

The best way for Arab Americans to succeed in politics is through the creation of coalitions and working on the issues collectively. On the other hand, Arab Americans can concentrate on issues that affect them solely and come up with ways to deal with them.


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