Paper Example on Benefits of Immigration

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Date:  2022-10-26


Immigration has continued to be a heated topic worldwide and has been since the start of time. Immigration represents an asset to the United States and provides more benefits than it produces harm. Immigration benefits the U.S. by creating jobs, establishing a local business, and increasing Gross Domestic Product. The more immigrants we let in, the better amount of growth, we have within the United States. The Economist staff talks to us about how the world will look like if people were allowed to move and experience opportunities anywhere across the globe. Even though the government worries about opening the world to immigrants, the author mentions the benefits of allowing foreigners into the world. He says that opening all borders would make the world instantly richer since most people are neither for nor against expanding boundaries. Suppose the government is well convinced on the benefits of immigration, then it will be willing to open its borders. The author explains how the world settles into an uneasy balance. They also clarify whether migration would be a nightmare or a dream. The first way immigrants provide benefits towards the U.S. is from seeking employment. The author says, "Opening all borders would make the world instantly richer." Allowing immigrants to have the opportunity for better work in the U.S. is beneficial because this permits an increase of wealth for U.S. citizens. Additionally, this will prevent the possibility of crime as it kills idleness amongst them. Economic growth is the best measure of well being. Opening borders are both beneficial and risky at the same time. The benefits that come with it are for instance improved economy of the state due to employment opportunities created to skilled immigrants. Secondly, the measure doubles the world's Gross domestic product which allows workers to be more productive as they move from impoverished countries to richer ones and spend more money on the inside. The gross domestic product typically allows the combined value of valuable goods and services instantly produced and provided in the U.S to be consumed by both citizens and immigrants improving the capital stock of the United States.Another benefit is that bigger and better business is formed directly because immigrants boost economic productivity merely because they gravitate towards jobs in different areas needed. In the article, "China has nothing to fear," Lu explains, "American importers coming here placing their orders. The prices are lower here in China, and the workforce is stronger with plenty of skilled labor."LU mentioned that free trade generated more jobs, better economies.

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However, every good thing comes with its negatives which can be ignored if they are analyzed as a minute. Opening borders will require huge security investments to scan risky criminal behavior amidst the immigrants. The security of a country is a sensitive aspect that sub sequentially affects economic activities of a state. The borders must be guarded, and only foreigners with genuine reasons allowed for the general security of the nation. Such measures will prevent the possibility of foreign criminal gangs into the country.In conclusion, immigration benefits the U.S by creating jobs, establishing a local business, and increasing GDP while the risk of this can be easily curbed. The more immigrants we let in, the more growth, we have within the United States.

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