Paper Example on Challenges Brought About by Global Warming

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Date:  2022-09-12

Climatic Disasters

Global warming is threatening the lives of both plants and animals. It is the long-term rise in the average temperatures of the climatic system of the earth. The amounts of carbon dioxide in the environment have significantly increased reducing the levels of oxygen (Hughes, Kerry, Alvarez-Noriega, Alvarez-Romero, Anderson, Baird, & Bridge 2). There is a rapid increase in temperature levels which is leading to climate change. Global warming has a lot of harms that are associated with it. Among the problems being caused by this condition includes more frequent and severe weather (Santamouris, Cartalis, Synnefa, & Kolokotsa 4). The frequent rise in temperature has brought about many weather disasters such as storms, floods, storms, drought, and heat waves among others. Global warming has altered the weather patterns in that wet areas which experience rain become wetter while the dry areas such as Sahara and dessert environments become drier. Basing on the information giving by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there waste ten different types of climatic disasters and in the United States in the year 2015. The disasters included floods, storms, wildfire, storms, and storms (Santamouris et al., 5).

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Death of Animals

The other challenge brought about by global warming to groups of people in different regions is high death rates. Scientists reveal that climate change caused by global warming is the biggest challenge facing the health worldwide threat of the twenty-first century (Santamouris et al., 5). Global warming is causing a lot of difficulties to older adults, low-income individuals, minorities, and children. Most of them perish in their attempt to acclimatize to the new weathers being caused by global warming. The industrialization has caused heating of the planet leading to more hot days in areas where people are not used to such hot climates (Huang, Yu, Dai, Wei, & Kang 10). Majority of these people have no adequate resources to purchase air-conditioning equipment to regulate the air in their environment. In the United States alone, there are hundreds of reported deaths annually (Santamouris et al., 7). The deaths are an outcome of life-threatening diseases such as heatstroke, cardiovascular, and heat exhaustion among others. Scientific studies also show that the extreme heat caused by global warming kills more annually on average tornadoes, storms, lightning, and hurricanes combined. The wildlife is not spared. Unique species of animals are facing extinction (Hughes et al., 15).

High Sea Levels and Acidic Oceans

Polar Regions of the globe are specifically susceptible to the warming of the atmosphere. The Arctic's mean temperature is rising twice faster than other world parts. The ice I'm these regions is melting which leads to rising of the sea levels. It is estimated that by the year 2100, the sea level will be four times the current sea level (Hughes et al., 6). The maritime ecosystem is facing climatic threats too. The oceans are absorbing a huge amount of excess acidic gases which result in its acidic nature. The acceleration in acidification of the ocean is threatening the underwater life especially animals with calcium carbonate skeletons and shells. These creatures include crabs, corals, and mollusks whose life expectancy is significantly reduced (Huang et al., 5).

Scope of Global Warming

The heat of global warming is not only affecting one species but all. Plants, animals, oceans, human beings, and economies are all affected by the global warming effect. The rising of the sea level and the extinction of animals have increased the death of human beings due to the increased heat in the atmosphere (Santamouris et al., 15).

Relationship of Global Warming to Member Groups

Global warming is a global challenge; despite it being universal, it is clear that not all the people are feeling its impact. Global warming is making the rich richer while making poor individuals poorer. In the past half century, the impact of climatic change has led to an increase in inequality between different nations (Huang et al., 7). The economies and prosperity of the rich superpower countries have been boosted while the poor countries especially the developing and third world countries. Relating to the research done by the scientists from Stanford University in California, currently, the rift between the riches and the poorest nations is about 25% greater than it was supposed to be without the influence of the global warming. Among the countries that have been hard hit by global warming include Niger and Mauritania. Due to the heat generated by global warming in this two countries, their productivity has significantly reduced their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by more than forty (40%) percent (Huang et al., 7). Per capita income of globally stable countries has significantly been boosted. Some of these countries are also emitters of the deadly greenhouse gases. These are industrialized countries that emit a lot of untreated smoke into the air hence contributing to global warming. Labor productivity has been negatively affected in hot regions due to the global warming effect (Hughes et al., 11).

Contribution of Social Life to Global Warming

Global warming is hurting us in general, but it is not a sent curse, it is an outcome of our activities. It is a problem that has been initiated by us. The social life of different people in the world has accelerated the rate at which global warming is spreading (Santamouris et al., 17). Some of the human activities which contribute to global warming include increased industrialization. The many manufacturing companies established emit poisonous gases into the air leading to heating up of the earth. The clearing of forests is another key social factor that is contributing to global warming. The illegal harvesting of timbers and cutting down of trees destroy water catchment areas that are major sources of water (Hughes et al., 13).

Theoretical Perspective

In analyzing the origin and the influence of global warming, I will use the Marxian model. Even though the fact that almost everyone is contributing towards the increase in global warming, the capitalistic nature of the rich countries is accelerating it more rapid. It is unfortunate that nations with stable economies and favorable gross domestic product (GDP) are taking advantage of global warming to enrich them. Using the Marxian theory, it is clear that rich countries have amassed a lot of wealth unlike the developing nations (Santamouris et al., 11). The superpower countries use the huge property they have to come up with manufacturing industries that emit a lot of smoke into the environment. The Marxian theory brings out the capitalism impact of countries that ware stable to use their stability in gaining an advantage over others. The developing countries lack adequate resources to curb the rising influence of climate change. The lack of adequate resources to install air conditioners which can help regulate the effect of too much heat makes its citizens vulnerable to climatic changes. In solving the challenges associated with global warming, the rich countries need to consider the inclusivity of the emerging countries and the challenges they are facing. The combined effort is what will salvage the climate change challenges rather than the capitalism of the rich countries (Hughes et al., 21).

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