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Sometimes in life people experience demands, frustrations, hassles, and deadlines to specific goals in life. Both adults and children's experiences stress as part life. However, our physiological system has a way of responding to stress when they arise. Besides that, in some periods in life people face more pressure with significant impact than usual. One of those periods is college life to a student despite being valued and perceived as the best period of experience to society. The primary cause of stress in this period of life is because students are mostly occupied by classwork, personal growth, expectations, and treatment as adults and minimalism. This factor subjects a college student to multiple problems, not just emotional but physical as well. In this paper am going to discuss the reasons for and against stress to college students.

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Moreover, during the first year in college, these freshmen face a lot of social challenges. This makes them the most vulnerable group of students. These social obstacles occur due to the new experience of making the decision alone without their parental assistance. They also face a challenge since they have left behind their siblings, friends, habits, hometown and all their support structures. In addition to that unfriendly roommates make the living environment not conducive to the freshmen.

Nevertheless, students who face financial hiccups and don't receive financial Aid have to meet new responsibilities. They tend to search for a job to raise some money to support them with the same bid of combined classwork (Ramli, Alavi, & Ahmadi, 2018). Due to this the student face a challenging time in adapting to this kind of environment. Thus it subjects them to both emotional and physiological stress.

In addition to that, lifestyle is among the other challenging factor which causes physiological stress to college students. Most of college life lifestyle is defined by poor feeding routines, partying over the weekends, abusing all kinds of drugs, extensive reading subjecting to lack of sleep and increased social activities (Terzian, Moore, & Nguyen, 2010). All these factors submit to increased negative energy on the health of students. The chronic fatigue due to increased responsibilities in the student's life makes him feel exhaustion and adversely influence their performance and activeness to class attendance. This lack of focus reduces their morale and passion for attending lectures and doing homework thoroughly. This creates mental discomfort due to questioning their conscience which subjects to additional stress factor to the students.

Poor work and priority organization is yet another scourge for college students on various campuses. In college life, students operate and co-exist independently such no teachers, no parents to advise them and kin to tell them how and when to do certain crucial activities in life. Due to lack of experience, exposure and ability to make the decision independently these college students cannot define what to pay more prioritized attention than the other. How to figure out a routine, how to keep a balanced private and academic life is also among challenges that give emotional distress to this college students. This subjects the students to frustration, poor performance, and physiological torture. Effect planning and advice may reduce stress and make a college student have a better lifestyle free from pressure.

The peer pressure has dramatically influenced college student's life with adverse effects. Teens try to fit in various situations which stress them if they don't provide. These college students seek popularity and followings in their life at campuses. Most of the times this peer influence subject them to problems which make take tough decisions. For example, college students may have planned house party to take alcohol whole night and sit for an examination the following day (Wolf, 2010). To decide to whether the wait for an exam or have the party for overnight can be stressful. The fact remains these college students are set high expectation by their parents who took them to a student in college. This increases worries, stress, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence since they have fear to disappoint their parents.

Besides that, college students have more time to study and accomplish test given by professors. The result can come out negatively according to research confined in the journal of child and family studies. The case report discovered that the majority of parents who put immense pressure on their children's by dictating how they should live to end up subjecting them to stress, depression and low self-esteem. To some extent over managing college students a parent may think he/she is helping the student, but it impacts the student negatively.

The feeling of loneliness when the student lacks friends creates more pressure and gives him some mental disturbance according to environment exposed in (Terzian, Moore, & Nguyen, 2010). College students have a lot of challenges which they need to share to get advice from their peers who have undergone the same circumstances. The cause of stress can be academic performances, and many students are looking for friends to advise them on the mode of study to pass their grades. Other students require joining schools movement which guides them in their college life, but they lack friends to connect them. This type of stress mechanism reduces to college students in many ways.

The fear to fail in academics and have lousy future affects the college students physiologically. Each college student has both internal and external pressure and failing in academic is not their option. As much pressure starts to mount more college students begins to worry whether they will ever make it in life and see themselves have a bright future they ever wished for. These situations encompass a category of students who have experienced learning issues and fear that studies becoming more hard will subject to failing in their examination. They also fear double confrontation by teachers and parents at home due to achieving poor grades in their selected course. This too much pressure subjects the college student to the point of emotional distress. College life is not only an upgrade of education but also a task to perform. With most things happening in a student's life, they must have the drive to keep moving forward.

Students in college often engage in dating which makes the get a lot of distraction and lack of a sense of purpose to academic goals. This is because college students give more energy and attention to people they are dating rather than educational goals. After terrible heartbreaks, the students find their life more depressed and also unable to concentrate sufficiently on their studies. To counter this victimizing circumstance, the students adopt more harmful behavior like substance abuse, suicide, and any physically abusing acts.

Upon presenting my article about sources and mechanism on which stress affect college students, I tried to research the hypothesis by making speculation to answer various questions which arise. I attended extensive research to validate and justify my presented statements given within this argumentative paper (Wolf, 2010). According to research there have been several case studies take to research on causes of stress among college students. The scope of the case studies ranges from personal to the environment which exposes stress to college students.

The case reports argued that the causes of stress amongst college students vary by gender, the feeding habits, type of work and exposure to new responsibilities. In the case report, it was mentioned that the most the majority of college students affected by stress are freshmen and those who are straining academically. In another study case, it was suggested that exposure to new responsibility; peer and social pressure are significant sources of physiological torture and mental distress which primarily affect college student.

Though such report, stress to working college students was determined. It was noted that most jobs which subject students to immense fatigue are the one who submits them to stress. This results in reduced ability to counter environmental distress in the colleges. In my research, I have realized that environmental stress is the ones who originate from the environment from inner self and physiological self. Majority of environmental source of emotion and physical stress comes from noise, traffic jams, and weather while the emotional sources include illness and insomnia over a period.

Moreover, the inner self and personal emotional strength determine whether a college student will live with stress or cope with them. The internal self-sources include things like relationships and socialization problems with other college students. Upon conducting the case reports and knowing sources of stress to a college student, its effects were also determined. This included headache, depression, ulcers, increased worries and other stress-related illness. The effects of these ailments can be extended to the student's emotional status not only the body. This makes the college student have anxiety, moods swing and fear which is a significant status (Terzian, Moore, & Nguyen, 2010).

However, among the stress-related ailments, the ones which affect cognition of a college student also result in different stresses of college life. This subject he to cases of forgetfulness, concentration problems, concentration issues such that a student can't think about a particular topic at a time without popping divergent thoughts outside what's he is thinking about. Upon establishing this causes and effects of stress, there are also ways in which they can be combated. These approaches to stress management will make the students have ample time and a conducive environment for learning while in college.

Besides that, the mode of stress management to college students determines how they will affect them and to what extent. Developing a balanced lifestyle between private life, social life and school life will minimize the effect of stress in a better version than those who are suffering sickness (Ramli, Alavi, & Ahmadi, 2018). Through sharing problems with a trusted friend and being offered guidance will give a college student some sense of direction and reduce the feeling of loneliness and peer influence. Advice from a physician about relaxation technique will also help the college student relieve stress.

These relaxation techniques include meditation alone, yoga, going to the gym, dancing and other muscle relaxation activities. Upon my research, I have validated the sources, effects, and treatment of stress to college students. The paper has depicted the various ways to counteract stress to college life. This will give the college students an ample learns environment.

However, being young is not fun but comes with a lot of stress especially when you become a college student. New challenges build up with the student lacking supporting framework to give him courage. Stress in college comes in various ways, but there are still methods to curb them appropriately.


Ramli, N. H., Alavi, M., & Ahmadi, A. (2018). Academic Stress and Self-Regulation among University Students in Malaysia: Mediator Role of Mindfulness. Behavioral science, 1-9.

Terzian, M., Moore, K., & Nguyen, H. N. (2010). Assessing Stress In Children And Youth Of School Time Reactionaries. Research to results, 1-6.

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