Statement of Interest for Business MBA Program Master of Accounting

Paper Type:  Admission essay
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Date:  2021-05-31

I am at this moment writing this statement to express my interest in pursuing Masters of Accounting at the University of Alberta. I currently hold an undergraduate degree in Commerce, Cooperative Education. Besides my degree, I had studied and completed all the required CPA preparatory courses. Throughout my CPA preparatory courses, I maintained academic excellence and managed to perform well.

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My decision to pursue Master of Accounting derives its aspect from my passion for the course. I have always been fascinated about professional accounting where I will depict a range of technical accounting expertise, and offer a solution to fundamental accounting needs in any organization. I would love to venture into research as well as analysis as I believe that accountancy is a specialized field of scientific synthesis.

I strongly believe that to be successful in any given field one has to be dedicated as well as give in hard work and also be patient. I have excelled in my undergraduate, and I know that am geared up to offer my best in graduate school.

My interest in accounting had developed ever since childhood when I noticed how I was good with numbers as well as science. I have since continued to further this dream. My short time career goal is to become a professional Financial Advisor, and this would also instill more morale and expertise in my quest to become an Accounting Professor after obtaining my Ph.D. in Accounting.

My rich work experience has developed me in the right career path to attain the necessary skills in accounting. I worked as an Accounting Assistant at EPCOR Utilities where my roles were inclusive of but not limited to use of various applications to analyze financial data, preparation of quarterly ledgers, reconciling balance sheets. I also worked at University of Alberta where participated in the marking of ACCTG 311 exams. Moreover, my involvement at Leschert & Associates as an Accounting Technician Intern helped me a great deal in acquiring more skills in accountancy field. Also, I worked at Family and Community Twining Society as a Summer Program Business Manager where my interpersonal skills as well as the communication skills were improved a great deal.

For my career goals, I am more than focused on making myself a better person, therefore, I do not only plan to stop at masters level. As part of my short time career goal, I intend to become a financial advisor. After which I will pursue PhD in accounting as I work on becoming a great researcher a Professor in this particular field. I am hoping graduate school will offer me a platform to make this goal come true. I am also hoping graduate school will provide a platform to learn and understand the accountancy world and thus provide me with an option of furthering my ultimate goal.

My colleagues at work and even at school have always perceived me to be reliable, committed and adaptable. I am a visionary person with remarkable experience; and should I be considered in this application, I believe my development as a Financial Advisor will continue and I will be closer to achieving my all goals. I will not only look into my quest to education but also help other students in as we grow together. I sincerely look forward to having this treasured chance to be an integral member of graduate school. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance

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