Paper Example on Human Motivation

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Date:  2022-10-19


Human motivation at a workplace is key to how they perform as it dictates their goals, willingness, and actions they undertake. Understanding how to motivate employee at a workplace is the ultimate goal of any leader or employer. The article "The Top 9 Things That Ultimately Motivate Employees to Achieve" by Glenn Llopis suggest 9 things that leaders can use to motivate their employee and in the process realize the goals, targets, and objective of an organization. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the various aspects that are addressed in Glenn's article, and that relates to human motivation.

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Motivation is a phenomenon that many people including myself find hard to put in one sentence as it composes of different things. According to Llopis (2012), different things motivate people where some say it money while other states they desire to make a difference in what they do. No matter the reasons behind one's motivation, I agree with the author that the triggers that motivated individuals to achieve different things are unique to everyone since what drives me is different from what motivates another person. Nevertheless, as Llopis (2012) notes, it is essential for leaders to have a good relationship with their employees not only to help them get motivated but also to see how both of them can enhance their working relationships and achieve their goals and objective.

One thing that the author suggests can help leaders in motivating their employees is a trustworthy relationship (Llopis, 2012). According to the author, when leaders are always looking out for the best interest of their employees and also have their back, the win their trust which is very important when it comes to motivation (Llopis, 2012). I also agree that trustworthy leadership is critical for employees to be motivated. When an employee trusts a leader, they can approach them regarding the challenges they are going through and possibly, what is making them less motivated. Another strategy the author suggests is being relevant where according to the author, employees are always looking at various ways to learn, advance their current skill and more importantly invest in themselves (Llopis, 2012). As the author notes, a leader can utilize this desire that employees have to motivate them by helping them remain relevant in their current responsibilities that they hold.

Regrets after mistakes is a common factor in employees demotivation. In the course of their duty employees will make some mistakes that can be demoralizing to them. As Llopis (2012) suggests, it is essential for leaders to identify demoralizing situations among workers and intervene by showing them that mistakes are part of learning and they should not have any regrets about the past. I also think when a leader shares their journey to success, employees can be motivated keep no regrets and work hard to become perfect.

Another strategy that the author suggests to improve employee motivation is happiness. I agree with the author that happiness can significantly elevate a person's motivation even when things are not okay. Furthermore, we should not be victims of taking work too seriously and letting it influence our happiness. It is important to smile and enjoy the journey to success even if it is not always smooth.

Other ways that Llopis (2012) suggest when it comes to improving employee's motivation are letting employees have an impact at their workplace, reminding workers that self-indulgence is no good and he also suggests that leaders should provide security and stability to those they lead. Moreover, according to the author, leaders should encourage their employees to surpass the opportunities by taking risks, and when results come, they will be motivated knowing they can achieve more (Llopis, 2012). All in all, I think the authors offer brilliant strategies or things that leaders can use to motivate their employees, and one leader can follow them, they might have good results when it comes to driving their employees.


Llopis, G. (2012). The top 9 things that ultimately motivate employees to achieve. Forbes, April, 6, 2012.

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