Paper Example on Social Welfare in Canada

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Date:  2022-10-20


The population being examined is the sex workers, both males and females, involved in the sex trade. Their experiences vary from being sexually abused, physically assaulted, and being stigmatized. Community-based organizations of sex workers provide effective platforms that result in their empowerment. The report provides examples of two community resources that support the social problems, which sex workers face. Also, the report describes barriers, which sex workers may face while trying to gain access to resources and ways to eliminate them.

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Community Resource 1 - Voices for Women Sudbury Sexual Assault Center

In the sex trade, sexual assault is considered a social problem. The program called Voices for Women Sudbury Sexual Assault Center is there to help women who have experienced sexual assault. Their goal is to advocate for social, political, and equal rights for women. They address the social problem by providing individual and group counseling, safety planning, healing workshops, community outreach, public education and training, transition groups, as well as providing access to library resources. It is an economic program because it survives through donations and fundraisers. Besides, the community resource is targeted. It reaches out to residents of Sudbury. Moreover, its prevention level is at the primary level. They provide services for women identified to have experienced sexual assault.

Community Resource 2 - Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line

Many gays and lesbians are involved in the sex trade business. Many of them face the barrier of isolation, which results in poor socialization, which is a social problem. Due to the stigma and isolation that they face, the Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line is available to give them support through their experiences. The goal of the community resource is to support experiences of the youth aged 29 and under. It is a targeted group as it focuses on youths in Ontario who are 29 years and below. They address the social problem by providing resources for youth to make informed decisions, training youth to provide support to other youth, and providing anonymous support to those youth. The program is economic because they depend on fundraisings, monthly donations, campaigns, and major giving. Its level of prevention is at the primary level because they work closely with indigenous groups to provide them with support.


Stigma - perceived stigma is a strong barrier to accessing community resources. Sex trade workers know that people will discriminate them due to the nature of their work. One solution would be to schedule anonymous calls where sex workers would feel comfortable reaching out.

A Limited voice in meetings - sex workers might feel that due to their profession, they feel intimidated to speak up because of the fear of being judged. A possible solution would be to create an inclusive environment or encourage anonymous calls and messages where they would interact with leaders of the community programs.

Transportation - sex workers are often mistreated in their line of work and not paid for their services. Some of the community programs may be far and the ease of transportation becomes difficult. A possible solution might be scheduling meetings and events in accessible locations.


Overall, information about sex trade is available in the media, educational resources, friends, and family. Lessons learned from the report are that. Besides, information in the report can be applied in my future career as a psychotherapist who works with women involved in the sex trade business in a way that I now understand more about their experiences, resources available to them, and the barriers that they face. Overall, community resources available for sex workers should encourage sex workers to reach out to their programs for help.


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