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When athletes shape their skills, make good use of their training stimulus and adapt, they can achieve their maximum performance. It is essential for coaches and athletes to include dietary techniques which can support their goals and lower fatigue levels during an event. One of the revolving research areas in sports is sports nutrition that focuses on providing scientifically approved information on athlete's performance improvement.

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Water and Sports Drinks as Fluid Sources

The duration of physical activity and how much a person sweats determines whether they could drink water or sports drink. Most people suggest that water intake is necessary when the exercise period ranges to sixty minutes or less, while a drink is required beyond an hour. Sports drink contain water that helps in hydrating the body, carbohydrates which restores the body's glycogen and electrolytes for regulating muscles and nerves. As compared to water, sports drink impact triple times during long exercises (Noakes 113). They help the body achieve maximum performance by giving it the surplus carbohydrate kick during a taping of fuel levels and are crucial for proper maintenance of endurance in the functioning of an athlete's body.

Different people have different opinions when it comes to water and sports drinks. The critical aspect in this comparison is not about which drink dehydrates the most, but which of them provides additional nutrients to the body. As much as plain water does not contain these other nutrients, electrolytes and carbohydrates cannot exist alone as sports fluids without water. A critical measure of comparison between the two is the performance and recovery of the athlete. The actual amount of fluids is dependent on a person's circumstances (Van et al. 281). The availability of water cannot be altered by the fact that sports drinks are much more reliable. Both of the drinks work hand in hand and do not compare at all. They both play a role in the diets of many athletes, in different situations.

When To Recommend Water and When To Recommend a Sports Drink

A person's choice of hydration depends on their primary aim of rehydration, maintaining the body's balance and keeping it cool. Or rather the diminishing amounts of energy; the electrolyte stores and sugar. Most sports drinks contain a concentration of sugar that is higher than what is in the body fluids; hence it is not the ultimate drink for hydration. A person should prioritize rehydration before running. During training in hot conditions, rehydration allows for staying cool and maintaining the fluid balance. The best choice during and before running is; water, water with electrolytes tablets and sports beverages that are heavily diluted. These drinks provide the body with immediate hydration and replace electrolytes.

After running, an athlete needs electrolytes and sugar to bring the body to its balance. Drinking water in this state could lead to a rise in the plasma volume, leading to an imbalance in electrolytes, decreasing a person's desire to drink and increasing a loss in fluids (Van et al. 281). A drink that has some protein, electrolytes and a right amount of sugar are right after a workout. A sports drink helps in reigniting the recovery process after exercising. The most vital way a person can rehydrate efficiently is through recovering the exact amount of fluids they lost during training.

Is It Worth To Recommend an Ergogenic Aid to a Client

Ergogenic aids are an example of dietary supplements responsible for increasing the capacity for mental and body labor, through the elimination of fatigue symptoms (Tokish 1543). I would not recommend these to my client because most ingredients used in these supplements are not recognized as safe in the market, as in the foods and drugs ingredients. There is no requirement proving that supplements have benefits to our diet as it is with conventional drugs, a safety with a chronic and acute administration and it has a few provisions that assure quality.

Pros and Cons of Dietary Supplements

Supplements are used globally, but they also can boost a person's health a little. Researchers think that supplements reduce chances of conducting some health conditions like diabetes, with some experts maintaining that this science is not conclusive. For many supplement users, it helps them because they work (Arvanitoyannis et al., 385). Supplements are not advised for use in treating certain illnesses though, because medications and prescriptions have passed tests for effectiveness and safety. I might recommend supplements such as fish oil to a client, to enhance their healthy lifestyle, and not for treatment of health conditions. When used excessively, supplements are toxic, for example; when vitamin A is taken in excess, the liver is damaged, and bone mineral density is reduced. Too much of it causes dizziness, dehydration, low blood pressure, flushing, and regular headache.

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