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Paper Example: The Three Top Aspects That a Psychotherapist Must Consider

Date:  2021-07-02 06:04:33
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From the Charlie Rose Brain series, the three top aspects that a psychotherapist must consider includes the following;

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It is one of the signs possessed by the patients suffering from anxiety. As a trained psychotherapist it is imperative to understand the issues that are likely to induce such kind of a feeling to the patient as they are liable to slow the process or recovery. During the medication process and duration of giving social support, such aspects need to be utilized to determine the degree of improvement through the reaction and heavier exhibited in the process.


According to the experts, nature provides the elements that act as a foundation to anxiety. Observable objects, creatures such as flies pose an impact to the state of the patient. The fear which is a fundamental feature of the disorder is a component of nature linked through brain structures that give a wrong interpretation hence the source of the problem.


It is an aspect considered by the experts as another element that contributes to the condition. In their description, they found nurture as that human factor that influences the state of the patient. As a psychotherapist, the significance of observing this aspect is to act as an application tool for observation and also to be able to identify the element within the locality of the patient that seems to bring problems hence acting as an inhibitor to the quick recovery of the patient.

Part B-Treatment and planning

Question 1

In our case, Stephen even after being released from the hospital, he still shows the signs of mania characterized by extremes of restlessness, impulsive, overconfidence, quick decision making that leads to risky choices. He also suffers from, the decreased need for sleep. In the context of depression, Stephen portrays the sign of hopelessness, sadness and partially withdraws from the social life that is friends and family. Challenges of concentration, memory and poor decision making also form part of the depressive characteristics. The primary Stephens concerns relate to his inability to make concrete judgments and the issue of withdrawal from friends and family. The fear that drives him to seek medication is the relapse that may occur consistently hence the need for attention.

Question 2

The bipolar condition is one of the diseases that treatment alone cannot be sufficient. In my treating plan, I will include therapy, lifestyle observation and provision of social support. These three aspects are critical to the success of the treatment process. The idea is to reduce shifts in moods by having companions to engage him and avoid unnecessary thoughts.

Question 3

About medication, continuity is significant. This condition is chronic and keeps on relapsing. To be on the safer side, it is crucial to take medication consistently even when one is feeling better.

Question 4

Despite the existence, the many psychotherapy disorder approaches the best one for Stephens' case is Cognitive therapy. It involves the act of identifying and modifying the structures or thinking patterns to influence the entire mood shift. From a psychological view, behavior and social life of an individual are shaped by the cognition. This aspect, therefore, implies that, by focusing on the cognitive aspect, the entire system is likely to be influenced positively.

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