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Paper Sample on Personal Behavioral Changes

Date:  2021-07-01 10:31:01
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Approximately 2.00pm during a modeling class, Jay requested me to help him with his assignment. He wanted some on how to model a realistic tree without using the paint brush. Am an expert in that area, so I gladly opted to help him. Five minutes later he still did not understand what I was telling, complaining I was too fast and not precise enough. Practically I felt he was wasting my time and I had sacrificed enough to help him. My impatient attitude took hold of me, and I began giving excuses why I cannot assist him any longer.

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Me: Jay, am sorry, but I have something urgent to do.

Jay: Please, just five more minutes, I will appreciate.

Me: Ask Mercy to assist you, am not good at modeling either. Look hers are better.

Jay: please, two minutes then.

I got annoyed and turned away from him and started working on my project. Jay stayed for a few minutes after realizing that I had made up my mind he left.


My behavioral pattern often manifest itself when I tend to be busy. This happens mostly when in class and trying to concentrate on something or if I have a deadline to meet. I ignore people most based on how much I know them or how we relate on our daily encounters. For instance, in the case of Jay, he was just an acquaintance, so I did not feel oblige to sacrifice my time. My impatience grows wild if the person I am trying to assist takes much time to understand, or if I like that person. If we have a bad encounter previously chance are I will not have time for them. For instance on Tuesday the same week, Nick whom we had an argument with sometimes back wanted some help in Maya; I turned him off and told him I do not know.


Gash and I relate well. Occasionally he asks for my assistance in class, and I do also during the same period I ignored Jay we were working together. Ours is a mutual relationship, I can sacrifice much time to help him in class even when I am busy. Although sometime I might ignore them. This behavior does not reflect only in class but outside of class, if am busy doing something I tend to focus lose myself in that task and ignore everybody else, even family. However, when am free am a very social person, and I can strike an exquisite conversation, and if I cannot get bored by that conversation, I ignore the person.


When I was not exhibiting this behavior, I was very inquisitive and made sure that person understood me precisely. I also created an excellent rapport with people around me and learned a lot of new things, and I previously didn't. In a group discussion on Wednesday 10/5/2017 Mercy who had earlier ignored taught me a new tactic in modeling that was helpful. When am exhibiting this behavior, I tend to be coarse and push people away.


My greatest communication problem is the lack of patience, and it is mostly exhibited when I tend to be very busy for a task, or my personal relationship with the specific person is bruised. It hinders me from connecting freely with the person and getting to understand them better or learn more from them. This behavior also bruises my relationship with individuals who are very close to me. Queuing, traffic or even waiting for a person is something I usually don't take very friendly, at the end of the day I am usually very drained from these experiences.

CCC Part 3: Establishing Behavioral Goals


Jackie, a close friend, has an ear for everyone; she is very attentive even if she does not like the conversation. She makes me feel comfortable; she is very detailed and makes sure that the person understands her accurately. The effective applications of this communication that I would like to emulate from Jackie are

3A1: she is a good neighbor and friend, her kindness to everyone attracts people. She makes people feel comfortable and consoled. If in case she has a problem, she will get immediate assistance from these people.

3A2: Patience people achieve goals, in the case of Jackie she has achieved expertise level into a career due to her patience in learning and networking with other, unlike me who hovers from one job to another.

3A3: Patient people learn more from the environment and people when there is a good relationship; people tend to open up easily.

3A4: she exhibits good health; she is less likely to have health issues or lack of sleep due to disappointments. CITATION New16 \l 1033 (Newman, 2016).


Jane, my roommate, is way worse than I am. She usually has no time to finish the task, if she gets, in case you inquire for clarification on a certain subject you do not understand, she gives light explanation and leaves before you can even ask another question. She exhibits these ineffective communication skills.

3B1: She is unwilling to listen thus jumps to conclusions and make assumptions.

3B2: She exhibits favoritism as those who seem to be deterring are sidelined. Thus she can miss on significant opportunities to better know that person and gain from them.

3B3: People close to her disengage because they tire to sustain the pace. She loses important people in her life.

3B4: Impatient people tends to use shortcuts or cut corners, that end up into losses or waste more time than they thought it previously would. Therefore end up on the losing end CITATION Ama17 \l 1033 (Amanda, 2017)

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