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Date:  2021-07-02

My life has had three main chapters so far, but I believe I continue to add more. The first chapter is my childhood. It is a phase in my life that involved a significant amount of exploration, learning and identifying who I am. The second chapter is my teen years where I believe I have had numerous experiences that continue to teach me what life is all about. It is a chapter that changed almost everything I thought I knew about life and taught me how to survive even in the hardest of times. The third chapter is young adulthood, which I believe I continue to write and develop at the moment. I love how I am gradually learning more about how resilient, hard working and unique I am s I continue to develop and grow.

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I have had key scenes in my life with some them standing out from the rest. A high point in my life was when my sibling was born. It may feel good being an only child in the family but as a child one will always yearn for the company especially a person of the same age group. When my baby brother was born, I felt the difference in my life. I was seven years back then, but it had a significant impact on how I felt and behaved. I waited for him to be brought home from the hospital together with my parents and holding his little hands made me feel complete at that moment. I realized that being alone had never been lonelier and that my brother was the company I had been yearning for all the while. We have grown up as best friends and do everything together. We help each other out and fight as siblings do, but life has never been better. The birth of my brother has taught me how to think and care for others.

I have also experienced a low point which was signified by the death of Chip. Chip was our pet dog, and I found him in the family when I was born. We were good friends, and he would keep us company as mans best friend. However old age caught up with him, and he eventually died. It was a low moment for our family, and I felt like I had lost someone who was close to me. The attachment I had developed towards Chip was hard to get rid of. Chips death made me afraid of keeping any form of pets because I fear the same may happen. A community outreach program I participated in while in school marked a turning point in my life story. The program involved interacting with children affected by cancer at a local institution. Cancer is an issue I only hear about, but the encounter made sure that I met the issue. It marked a significant change in my life concerning the value of life. The encounter taught me the pain that people with cancer experience and how valuable life is. It is the reason why I am always thankful for life and good health each day.

A positive childhood memory occurred when my artwork was recognized by our class teacher as the best. I view it as positive because it made me feel good about myself and from that experience, I have continued to develop my expertise in drawing and artwork. A negative memory was when I hurt myself while learning how to ride a bike. My knees were significantly hurt, and I hold the scars to this day. The experienced led to the development of the fear of falling, which I have never been able to address to this day. My vivid adult memory is when I finally managed to purchase a phone from my savings. I had worked at a food store for a few months and did not want to bother my parents concerning a phone when I lost the one I had. Therefore, I bought one from the savings I had. It made me feel independent of some level because I made the decision without the influence of my parents and acquired the phone without their help.

A wisdom event occurred when I helped my friend deal with an issue he was facing. He had started developing problem behaviors in school, and I decided to talk to him when I realized the direction he was taking. I talked to him as a friend, and I gradually saw some change in his behavior. The experience made me proud because I had helped him keep off a path that might have been destructive for him. I am religious because I believe in God. I have experienced an event I would call spiritual. I had not studied for my exam as effective as was needed during a particular school session period. Therefore I did the exam knowing that I was not going to do well. However, when the results came, and I had performed well I viewed it as a moment when God worked in my life. The experience and much more have helped strengthen my faith.

I believe that a better experience in my young adulthood is the next chapter in my life. There are numerous exciting experiences I am looking forward to, one being my graduation which always excites me when I think of it. I can wait to get into the job market and become fully independent. I dream of having a healthy family and partner who will support my efforts in life. I also desire a life where I can help other individuals in life make decisions that will impact positively on their lives. My education is my life project. I want to become a professor someday, and as I work on all aspects of my life, I put my educational endeavors ahead of the rest.

The single challenge I have faced and continue to face is my inability to interact effectively with others. I am introverted and therefore find it hard to be sociable. I believe that it often bars me from opportunities I would have acquired if I only interacted with people more frequently. My mother has had a problem with asthma, and it is an issue that challenges our family. She was born with the condition and needs to be careful to keep herself healthy. We also need to ensure that she remains healthy through our interactions with her and ensuring that we take care of her as is necessary. We have moved sometimes, and during these instances, I have lost and developed relationships. The most significant loss occurred when we moved initially. I have stayed in my home and town for twelve years and had developed a close relationship with a friend. Therefore when we moved the separation presented a form of minor depression for a while which I eventually overcame. The experience showed my ability to create social attachments and the value I give them. My greatest failure occurred when I failed to make it for the artwork competition, which occurred at the local level. I believe I am a good artist and expected that my artwork would make it to the highest level. However bowing out at the initial stages of the competition made me feel disappointed. However, encouragement from my parents ensures that I did not quit my passion.

I am a religious person and a Christian for that matter. Therefore my behavior is often governed by the Christian values. My ethics are governed by the experiences I have had throughout my life, and I feel that every individual needs to be awarded a fair opportunity. I am not political and often hear political issues from the media or society. I, however, am sensitive about social issues. I care about the well-being of other, and when given the opportunity I will fight for what I feel is right. I dont think I have experienced any change in my religious or political views because they remain similar to this day. My most important value in human living is fairness for all. I believe that when giving a fair chance, people can become the best version of themselves. My life story presents a central theme of care and concern for other people. It starts with my brother, to my friend and the rest of society. I hold family dear and would do anything for them. I also care for other people and will help when I can.

The interview has been an exciting self-awareness experience for me. It has ensured that I dig deep into my memories and traits as a person to identify characteristics that define me as a person. It was nice identifying important points in my life and understanding what different issues mean for me. It is a wonderful learning experience and would participate in a similar exercise in the future.

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