Slang Language: Research Proposal

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  547 Words
Date:  2022-09-14


Slang is considered a collection of informal words and phrases that help one fit and discover their place in any social group. Over recent years the slang language has evolved dramatically all over the world. It is common for teens to express themselves in a language they feel comfortable and can relate to. The use of slang by teens is mainly for them to feel comfortable, it is easier to prove a point, and it gives them a sense of belonging(Collins, 2005). In some peoples, perspective slang can be viewed as inappropriate as in corporate America, while for some people it is part of their culture. The study will establish the influence the slang language has on a particular society socially and professionally. The study will be based in America.

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Research Questions

They are the foundation for every case study. They are what the research is based on, and they help build on the hypothesis of a particular study. Without research questions, the paper tends to make no possible sense.

Should the corporate society embrace slang and to what extent should it be incorporated? Does slang affect how teenagers present themselves in the corporate community?

Why is slang rampant in one segment of the society than the others? Should the entire society embrace it?

To what extent does the slang language affect the development of diminishing of the original/ native language?


The technique that will be used in this study is the social, linguistic interview. It involves a sample of the target population that will include casual conversations among the selected groups and will help the interviewer to understand the theories behind the use of slang and how the chosen randomly individuals feel it affects the society. Social linguistics interviews record the natural settings of a social gathering, therefore, there are minimal chances of interviewees to pretend and act differently from their standard forms close listening will be used to derive the desired data from the recordings. The social gatherings will involve both the teens and youngsters who engage mostly in slang languages as well as older people who find it a bit awkward to communicate in slang especially those in the corporate world.

Limitations of Study

Some characteristics tend to influence the findings of a particular study. They serve to ensure that there are further questions and research can be conducted. In this study, the limitations of the study are the fact that the findings found will only be based in America since most of the statistical data and target sample is based in America. This implies that the results will not be a representation of how other society like Africa and different continent feels about slang being part of their primary language. The difference in slang in every part of the world has majorly contributed to this setback. However, this gap can be filled in future studies to accommodate a sample population of the world as a whole.


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