Personal Statement - Master of Art in Theology and Philosophy

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  636 Words
Date:  2022-12-21


I am currently pursuing an MA in Theology at Boston University but during the program, I have realized that philosophy and thiology and distinct but inseparable. Philosophy and theory are highly intertwined in the subject matter. Philosophy discusses the nature of the universe while philosophy investigates the nature of the universe without assumption or presuppositions. I have also learned in my Master of Art in Theology that most of the concepts that are fundamental in theology especially the doctrines of the Catholic church, the traditional teaching constituting the basis of religion, the human soul and the relationship of the human soul to God are integrated with philosophy. Therefore, to prepare for my career in theology, I find studying the philosophical underpinnings defining theology and the relationship between the two important and your institution is one of the leading schools offering the Master in Theology and Philosophy program.

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To prepare myself to contribute to the development of theological knowledge, I would like to pursue a rigorous program exploring the historical, systematic and disciplinary relations between philosophy and theology and interact with other professionals. Such rigorous programs will help me in discussing and providing a solution to the challenges in the real word such as bridging the literary and practical gap between theology and philosophy. The gap between the demand for the theological professor and the number of theological and philosophy professionals shows that there is an acute shortage of professionals with knowledge on theology and philosophy and specifically with Knowledge in both philosophy and theology.

I believe my educational background will be crucial for establishing the foundation for pursuing and completing the Master of Art in Theology and Philosophy program in your institution. My mantra is based on St. Anselm's files quaerens intellectum and my seven-year background in theology and philosophy in Vietnam makes me a perfect fit for the program because it helped me understand how the authority of faith and the authority of reason interrelate. I also completed 9 credit, graduate-level course in philosophy at Boston University which covered Metaphysic, Augustine, and Philosophy of Existentialism.

With my MA in Theology at Boston University ending this summer, I would like to further my knowledge in your Master of Art in Theology and Philosophy program because I believe the program will be an asset to me in my professional duty and provide me with the fulfillment I need for my career and personal life. Over the years, I have undertaken researches and practiced theology and the undertakings have equipped me with the valuable knowledge for graduate study in theology. For example, I have gained valuable knowledge in reading texts, critical analysis, and understanding theology and philosophy text, writing analytical essay for theological and philosophy classes, carrying out theological reflection, and collaboration as well as understanding faith, reason, and culture.

After completing the Master of Art in Theology and Philosophy program, I will contribute to developing solutions to social problems, support the bishop through instruction and consultation. I will also assist seminarians in understanding the theological and philosophical texts. I will contribute in shaping the young people by sharing with them and advising them on various aspects of their social life and help them develop a deeper understanding of the key factors and theoretical paradigms that contributed to the understanding of philosophy and theology.


I believe that the knowledge that I will gain from your Institute will be aligned with the tradition of the Catholic Church. I have learned that Thomistic Theology and Philosophy is important because it guides people to live under the teaching of the Church and creating a society of God-fearing people who base their understanding on critical analysis of theological texts. I believe that the Master of Art in Theology and Philosophy program will help me achieve both personal growth and professional development.

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