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Sustainable growth or development can be termed as one of the current concepts to have emerged in thinking and literature of development policy. One of the integrated concepts of sustainable development is technology transfer in terms of pre-fabricated housing which has the role of enacting and uniting widely the divergent as well as the ideological perspectives into a unified conceptual framework. There is the need for the technology transfer on sustainable development in developing countries due to the frameworks policy which strongly helps in improving the welfare of both present and future generations.

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Things have changed in the concepts of urban movement as well as in industrialization, an event that has created profound changes in the landscape of architecture. Products characterized with standardized have arrived in the market and have pushed craftsmen to the corner in terms of construction (Canada, 2017). There are numerous distributions of catalogs showing various architectural models, an indication that there is a rapid growth in this area. All over the country, there are advertisements for sales of ready-to-assemble houses. The science being applied herein is a persuasive one. The client just need to choose from the available models and get the plan, make an order of materials and then assemble the houses very easily and at a low price

It has also been evident that large companies have also participated in the making of towns by building houses for their employees. Later on, the state took a step of standardizing plans for these homes, and in this way, the housing industry emerged unexpectedly.

Overview of the Policy

It is worth implementing mass-produced housing in the town, one reason being that the government has been involved in the fight against deaths caused by the issue of pollution in the country. Consultation in between the government, companies, researchers and the public as a whole, is an important approach of ensuring that people living in the country, especially in areas that have many factories have minimal exposure to air pollution (Young, 2017). It is possible and easy to implement mass-produced housing programs because there is a success in the standardization of building products (Young, 2017). Moreover, the involvement of the government will see a greater improvement in fighting the effects of air pollution in the towns as a whole.

Sustainable development in terms of mass-house production can be referred to as the growth that meets existing wants without giving in the competence of forthcoming groups to encounter their own necessities. The issue of development in sustainability needs determined purposes towards developing an inclusive, maintainable and resilient future for individuals and planet. For 17 goals of development which is sustainable to be accomplished, complementing of three vital elements are needed. These elements are the growth of the economy, social incorporation as well as protecting the environment which is strongly related and are decisive for the warfare of the individuals and societies. One aspect of Sustainable development is that of eradicating poverty and all its dimension. This signifies that there must exist promotion of sustainable development, the aspect of equity in economic growth which develops opportunities for all people and this help in raising basic standards of living as well as improving social development

Sustainable Development Goals

Partnerships for the goals has the meaning of strengthening methods of enactment and invigorate the global partnership for the purpose of achieving sustainable development.

Science, Technology as well as Innovation Policies which fosters the Implementation of goals of Sustainable Development. In reference to new Agenda which concerns with achieving the goals of sustainable development science, technology and innovation plays the chief role

The AAAA identifies technology transfer as one of the most powerful drivers of sustainable development.

Technology transfer process for pre-fabricated housing policy

The key players which are used to achieve technology transfer process include Knowledge Institution, Government, NGOs, IGOs, Financial Institution, and Private Company. The following steps must be considered in the technology transfer process.

Establishing supportive and concerted trusts between key stakeholders, with the communal purpose of making sure that transfer in technology is achieved.

Enactment of assessments on the needs of technology

Being actively involved in the processes of technology establishment, development as well as adaptation:

  • Designing and implementing plans of technology transfer through specific actions
  • Assessment and modification of the selected actions and plans
  • Distribution of technology information.

Reason for the policy

Polluted air, even at low levels of pollution, affects every individual exposed to it. Polluted air has an impact on human health. Science has backed up this idea by affirming that air pollution is the cause of increased need of visiting hospitals, diseases, and even the events of increased premature deaths.

It has been identified that air pollution in the town is at low levels in relation to other countries, but even that being the case, the government has put a priority on elevating the current state air pollution in the country. The move has been propelled by the studies and surveys that have been carried in the country concerning air pollution. The government has estimated that over 14 thousand people die every year and there is a need to sustain growth with the resources available (Young, 2017). These deaths fall in the category of premature deaths and have a connection with air pollution. The fact being that air pollution is characterized by a number of substances that constitutes it, it has been identified that most of the health effects are associated with the major components of smog. Basically, smog is a kind of fog that has smoke or soot in it can be blackish or yellowish in color. Smog is formed in the atmosphere whenever fuels are burnt. Smog is formed when sunlight and its heat react with atmospheric gases and fine particles. Heavy traffic, sunshine, calm wind, and high temperatures are the main causes of smog.

Figure 1.1: Smog. (Image retrieved from Google.)

There has been tremendous population growth and the urban council has had to find a solution to the high numbers by implementing a sustainable policy to develop pre-fabricated houses to ensure that they catered for everybody. Most of the people living in the state live in cities, a state that calls for more green buildings construction by the housing industry (Colton et al. 2015). Moreover, this means that most of the people in the country will be exposed to air pollution because air pollution in cities is much due to the heavy presence of traffic and factories. Both involve the burning of fuel, and in turn produce smog that causes indoor pollution. Once the indoor air is polluted, most of the population will have diseases related to air pollution hence an overall increase in premature deaths. Reports indicate that more 83 percent of the people dwell in urban areas, an occasion that force them to stay in houses; mass-produced housing rising, and that is how the need of establishment of mass-produced housing comes about (Desidero, 2011).

Another thing to note about our state is that its big cities are spread out. Immigration rate is also high. The immigrants are settling in these big cities, hence adding up to urbanization. On the other hand, the municipalities that are found near the urban centers are declining. It has been noted that 45 percent of the municipalities shrank in the period between 2011 and 2016 (Schmidt, 2008). This is still an indication that the urbanization is growing. The point here is that the municipalities occupants are moving to the big cities leaving Municipalities with fewer people. The sole reason for this is mainly due to the movement of people to cities. In comparison, the municipalities that relocated near the major urban area, only 11 percent of them shrank since the last tally.

Direct Impact

The office of the US Surgeon in the year 2009 called for embracing of promotion of homes that don't pose health problems to its occupants. In this call, there was a description of the steps individuals were required to follow for the purposes of protecting them from incapacities, damage, and diseases that usually arise from health vulnerabilities in houses. The steps in this description were scientifically proven with the aim of reducing problems related to health and can cause injuries and diseases (Office of the Surgeon General (US), 2009). In addition to this, the call targeted the improvement of literacy coined to healthy homes and at the same time educating the public the techniques they can implement in order to make a difference in unsafe and unhealthy behaviors at home.

The Connection Between Homes and Health

The Surgeons call also pointed on the connection between homes and health. The connection noted by the call put forward that there are a number of factors that influence safety and health in homes. They include safety aspects and the structure which is the concern of this research work. Basically, they comprise of how the homes are designed, constructed and as well as being maintained., absence or presence of safety devices, physical characteristics, indoor air quality, quality of water, and the home surrounding (Office of the Surgeon General (US), 2009).

Indoor Air Quality Effect on Health

Reduced interior air value leads to asthma cancerous and other air pollution-related diseases. It can also lead to signs extending from the nose, eye, and throat irritation to chronic conditions. Poor ventilation can also lead to unfavorable interior air value. elevated temperature and moisture levels can also cause a rise in some pollutants amounts of indoor air quality. Carbon monoxide gas is produced when fuel is partially burnt. This takes when engines run in poorly ventilated environments. Carbon monoxide exposure causes deaths.

Housing Structure and Health

The purposes of the houses we live in are to protect us in terms of safety, privacy, shelter and even our mental health. When indoor air is contaminated, mental health can be affected. In reference to this, a residence that does not offer these important provisions in design, proper insides and outsides, do not support healthy housing. In this regard, mass-produced housing put this into consideration in ensuring that the residents of such houses experience the highest level of the indoor quality.

Toxicity and Indoor and Air Quality

Indoor quality should be focused on during building of new custom homes. The Canadians are noted to spend 90 percent of their time indoors. High-performance building practices can be employed in the creation of indoor surroundings that are free of pollution. Such buildings provide homes with the superior indoor quality for the health of the people living in them.

Residential Housing

The idea of mass-produced housing in another name, pre-fabricated housing was first seen in the United States in the 1600s (Clarum Homes, 2013). The idea did not experience development until the 1900s when an introduction of house kits was done. In fact, the introduction of the house kits emerged immediately after the 1st world war. The expansion was evident in the middle class as people in this class were buying and building affordable homes. Currently, the house kits are the one being referred to the mass produced homes or pre-fabricated homes. Initially, mass-produced was fabricated in sections, followed by assembling of the sections at the specified locations. The concept of carpenters construct...

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