The SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment) Model in a Crime Analyst Work

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Date:  2021-05-28

As a crime analyst working for the local police agency, I will use the SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment) model to resolve a problem over recurring crime at a bus stop in my area of work. Below is the plan I have developed for approaching the crime using the SARA methodology.

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Scanning involves looking at the data available regarding the problem. In this situation, I have been provided with information that there have been many purse snatches and muggings at the bus stop across the any town post office. I have also been informed of the time when these crimes have been taking place. I will start to resolve this problem by gathering more information. I will talk to the public who use this bus stop to ascertain those who have been affected or even witnessed the crimes as they take place.

Through the scanning process, I will aim at identifying if any people have been hurt or killed in the course of the offense as this will help me and the police units involved understand the kind of criminals we are facing. The scanning process will also determine the frequency of how the crime occurs or any significant trends which may lead us to discover the criminals involved. After learning about the details and facts of the problem, I will set it aside and select a small team of police and other experts to come up with solutions, alternatives, and goals that need to be implemented and pursued to eliminate the problem. The broad goals will be to ensure the safety of the public, maintain law and order and secure the bus stop so that the public can use it at any time without fear. I will also aim at increasing security, safety and order in the neighborhood while solving this problem.


Using the data and information collected/gathered at the scanning step, the team I selected together with me will analyze it to determine if this is a real security problem (Reisig and Kane, 2014). If we think it is a potential/real problem we will also determine the amount to resources, time and energy that should be directed to resolving it. The analysis step will involve developing accurate descriptions and explanation regarding the problem and the way forward.

Careful analysis of the problem will help us understand the events and conditions that precede or come along with the purse snatches and mugging episodes. For instance, does it happen on weekends, during school holidays, rainy season or any other significant trend, event or condition? We will also describe what is so far known about the problem and what needs further research. We will also highlight what has been done about the problem so far, how it has worked, its failures and then determine what we need to do.

By the end of the analysis step, I will narrow down on the scope of the problem. I will have adequate information to use in coming up with possible responses or alternatives and to resolve it. I will also identify resources and police units who will be involved in the process of reply. I will also have an idea of the causes or hypothesis that lead to the current muggings and purse snatches. The best way to eliminate this problem is to deal with the reasons as a prevention measure as well as deal with the criminals to restore order in the neighborhood (Reisig & Kane, 2014).


Response step of the SARA model involves searching for a broad range of alternative solutions that can be implemented to resolve the problem. The steps further involve selecting the best and most viable of the solution that when applied will solve the problem with minimal challenges and best use of the available resources (Reisig & Kane, 2014). The team I selected to work on this issue will meet and discuss the range of solutions applicable and also choose the best one that will be presented to me for approval. I will need for the team to conduct through brainstorming to come up with every possible solution. They will also have the permission to enquire from their fellow officers not only in the post they are working in but also elsewhere. For this step to be completed successfully, I will take into considerations what other police officer dealing with such a problem before did, how it worked, its pitfalls and successes. Some of the responses I expect include the following.

Put street lights in the bus stop to illuminate 200 meters circumference. This will discourage the criminals since they have been taking advantage of one of the darkness around the bus stop area.

Police patrol day and night around the bus stop and the neighborhood. This response will scare away the criminals for fear of being caught and convicted or even shot if they tried to run away.

Install CCTV cameras around the bus stop area and other major bus stops in the neighborhood to capture crime.

Have one or two police officers guard the bus stop during night hours especially during the times when the crimes have been identified to happen most from the scanning and analysis steps above.

Collaborate with the citizens to detect and report suspicious behavior exhibited by members of the public and which could be associated with the purse snatches and mugging.


In this case the best response would be to install CCTV cameras around the bus stop area as well as in the adjacent medical office parking lot as it seems that the criminals have been using it to hide and plan on their devious acts. The next course of action is to install street lights around the bus stop, parking lot and in the nearby buildings to ensure that passengers feel safe and that the criminals are scared away. Occasional police guard, especially during the first few weeks, will also be necessary to make sure that anyone who behaves suspiciously is investigated and if need be action is taken against him or her (Reisig & Kane, 2014.

Once I have decided on the response and it is implemented, I will start the process of collecting data to check if the problem has been eliminated. Even if the problem was not eliminated the assessment problem should determine the extent to which the problem was solved or reduced. This step will give me an opportunity to determine if I will need to start the entire problem solving using SARA concept or if I will improve the response by implementing one of the alternatives that had been proposed. I will conduct pre- and post- response analysis to determine what was being experienced before the solution, the solution of reply implemented and what is now being experienced after intervention implementation (Reisig & Kane, 2014).


Reisig, M. D., & Kane, R. J. (2014). The Oxford handbook of police and policing (2nd ed.) New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill.

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