Pros and Cons of Promiscuity, Abstinence, and Celibacy in Life and On the Human Body - Research Paper

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Date:  2022-09-28


Abstinence and celibacy in life is the human practice of avoiding sex for lifetime whereas promiscuity is the corrupt morals of having sex regularly with multiple partners. Abstinence is the strict avoiding and restriction of a pleasure like sexual activities for a specific reason, which at times can be celibacy. Similarly, celibacy is the voluntary practice of not getting married and at the same time not being involved in any sexual activity which is aimed at fulfilling a specific divine promise or conviction. Celibacy applies to abstinence of sex and remaining unmarried applying to both same and opposite-sex marriage with the promotion of virtue. There have been different ideas in the approach of sex, considering the views from different perspectives such as culture and religion (Abbott, 2000).

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There has been a collision of beliefs created in some religions and cultures in regards to the issue of abstinence and celibacy. A good example is that of the Roman Catholic where the priest and the nuns are expected to practice celibacy, where as other religions like the Protestants and Muslims value marriage for the leaders as a sacred way initiated by God. Nonetheless, the cultural ties further contradict the issue with most of the traditional and cultural relations promoting promiscuity and polygamous marriage with a man having several wives and concubines. There are different beliefs perceived by people in regards to the issue of promiscuity, abstinence, and celibacy in life with some advocating for the promotion of abstinence and fidelity for those willing, whereas others prefer looseness. This essay aims at explicitly outlining the pros and cons of promiscuity, abstinence, and celibacy in life and on the human body. In this case, the pros of abstinence and chastity in life are the effects of promiscuity whereas cons of abstinence and celibacy exhibit as the advantages of promiscuity.

Pros of Abstinence and Celibacy in Life

Abstinence and celibacy is important as life prevents the contracting of the sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). STD's is one of the causes of death in the world and remains to be a threat over a long period of time. STD's are comprised of diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS which is the most deadly. It is estimated that the only guaranteed way to prevent STD is through abstinence, therefore implying that the celebrities who practice it with chastity have low chances of contracting the diseases since they abstain from sex altogether. Promiscuity and irregular sexual behaviors have been associated with the high rate of spread of the diseases transmitted through sex (Simbar & Fahimeh 2004, pp. 76). This has resulted in the death of people and suffering after getting infected since the virus weakens the immune system in the body. By reduction and prevention HIV/AIDS, the practice of abstinence prevents the burden that is transferred to the society through the medication and treatment of the infected people since a lot of finance is spent in the management and campaign against this disease. Although the person practicing abstinence may be born infected with the virus, it reduces the risk of transmitting it to other people by reduction of sexual contact since most of the diseases are spread through sexual activities.

Promotion of abstinence and celibacy is helpful to the ladies as it helps reduce the cases of any accidental pregnancies. This is achieved as the people practicing celibacy do not engage in irregular sex activities, therefore reduced the chances of unwanted pregnancies. It is practically impossible for the ladies to get pregnant without engaging in sexual activities with results in the fertilization of the ovum. Think of the nuns in the Roman Catholic Church who practice celibacy in integrity who can carry on with their lives without having unplanned children. Unlike promiscuity which may advocate for the use of contraceptives methods, chastity and abstinence argue that one can control him or herself to avoid sex, therefore, prevent the accidental pregnancies. The unwanted pregnancies have led to some practice such as unsafe abortion which may result in the death of the lady. Similarly, abortion is the unnatural way which was not intended by God, therefore interferes with the usual way of life. To prevent this, the best means would be upholding of abstinence. Abstinence is undoubtedly the best birth control way that is safe and promotes Godliness. Furthermore, it prevents the causes of dumping and negligence of children as a result of the people giving birth at the wrong time.

Abstinence and celibacy is crucial in the reduction of a bad sexual experience. This is possible as there is a close connection of sex with a drop of guard that may result in a bad psychologically and emotionally experience. This is because it reduces the intimacy occurrence that may be caused by erotic love. Abstinence and celibacy promote the relationship aspect with people without getting involved in sexual activities. A person practicing abstinence can be connected to other people on a physical level without having a sexual connection establishing a deep bond with another person on a conscious and spiritual level (Sobo & Sandra, 2001). Abstinence prevents the awkwardness that may be presented with the sexual attachment, for instance permitting a person to be close and see the nakedness, therefore be disappointed and criticized. The promiscuity that may be practiced by people may be a reason for the reduced respect and cause harm among the parties. Such practice may lead to situations that are hurtful such as having a one night stand with a person who is not worth, less attractive therefore hurting the person's ego. Abstinence is helpful for reducing unconformities resulting from being forced to do something leading to a situation that is embarrassing. This is practical by minimizing the adverse effects that may be associated with relationship break up cases which may cause negative psychological repercussions. Abstinence also promotes a healthy and steady relationship with all people and of the opposite sex. In this case, a priest practicing celibacy can relate well with all people offering help without sexual attachment unlike the ones practicing promiscuity who may not be able to control their sexual urge with contact with the opposite sex.

People who practice abstinence and celibacy enjoy the reduced cases of distractions in their day to day activities. The promiscuities practitioners have a high sex drive, therefore, may be prone to distractions which may sometimes confine them into circumstances that may lead to their lack of concentration in life. Research proves that continuous and regular sexual behavior can lead to the body produce a lot of sex hormones that cause more sexual arousal more than the people who do not engage in sex. Extensively, abstinence promotes continuity in essential activities such as school and work, as sex may destruct one, resulting to poor results, especially for students who will spend most of their time thinking about sex and their active sex partners. Research shows that students who do not get involved in sexual activities have a higher chance of doing well in school. Sexual relationships cause's distractions which imply that the people practicing abstinence can focus on the crucial issues other than the being involved in the relationship. For instance, in the teaching of celibacy, the religion insists on the celebrities should be able to control their feelings by not thinking of issues that may cause sexual arousal. This is key in helping them being victims of sexual desires which may lead to them engaging themselves in sexual activities. They argue that they should exercise abstinence as they attach their feeling and beliefs in a God, who their guide through the biblical is teaching (Manuel 1989, pp. 280). This gives time to develop and grow the career that one desires.

The people who practice long abstinence and celibacy have an excellent reputation and are highly respected in society (Keating 2018, pp. 674). This is because they set an excellent example to the rest of the young generations in culture. It is evident that since celibacy is a voluntary vocation, the people who chose to celebrate are people of good morals and usually vetted before being admitted to being priest or monks. The Puritans have a high level of self-confidence and courage as a result of their self-control abilities. This is because of their strength in resisting the sex urge and the mockery that may be referred to them since most of them are seen as unusual creatures in the community.

A study conducted on the importance of abstinence of sex and celibacy showed that there is increased strength in the body, hence increase health. This is because the sex urge among the people weakens it. Research further indicates that after the disappearance of the sexual desire, more strength is achieved. The female gender benefits more from abstinence from sex as there is some connection between the sexual desires and ailments; therefore women abstaining are more likely to fall ill less. For instance, the people who practice in sporting activities such as athletics are advised to refrain from sex before competitions as sex can cause exhaustion affecting their performance. Abstinence also has an advantage as the process of sublimation is achieved. This is through the refraining of the sexual activity resulting in the occurrence of natural sublimation. This process involves the redirecting of the unspent sex energy to be productive by the creation of something new or of material value. Such a person will have an irresistible desire to be involved in other activities such as learning or working which may improve the welfares more than promiscuity activities which may play a role in the draining of energy.

Cons of Promiscuity, Abstinence, and Celibacy in Life

Doctors, sexologists and psychologists argue that long abstinence and chastity have severe implications in the health and body of the women and men who practice it. As a result, they advocate that celibacy should not be practical over long periods due to the physical and psychological effects it presents.

Sex presents an excellent natural feeling that is missed by the people practicing celibacy and abstinence. These people do not experience this feeling and the pleasure associated with sexual intimacy. By not engaging in sex, the cerebral do not experience one of the significant human sensation related to the sexual arousal which plays an essential role in the general growth of a person. Sex is crucial in the change of the perception of the changes in the world as well as the approach to the having or getting relationship. Furthermore, the priest and nuns practicing celibacy present an irony as they play the role of advising the couples and married people on the importance of sex in marriage. It raises questions on why and how a person can encourage other people on something they know nothing about as they have never experienced. This further shows the importance of practicing sex among the people who play the role of offering psychological support on issues relating to sex if they are the ones to advise the married couples.

Children bearing are one of the best gifts and expectancies which are missed by the people practicing abstinence and celibacy. This implies that the persons are unable to fulfill their desires of being parents which is an unfulfilled wish. The person practicing it is unable to experience what parenthood is all about by bringing offspring into the world. Additionally, the cultural beliefs in most communities object celibacy is arguing that it is undermining of God's natural way of family continuity. The children are e...

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