Report on Canyon Creek Food Company Ltd

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Date:  2021-05-26

Canyon is a food processing company that is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company provides fresh soups and various prepared foods for the current health-conscious consumers. The company has focused on providing the fresh food product in line to grocery retailers and has established itself as Service Company offering wide range services such as institutions and restaurant in Canada. The Canyon Company is the major owner of Canyon Creek Company with a share of up to 100% as at May 2016.

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Just like any other company, it faces major competition from its competitors such as Campell Soup Company whose popular selections among its extensive soup portfolio include chicken noodle and cream of mushroom. Another competitor is Heinz Kraft Foods Company one of the worlds largest food company. The company makes soups, sauces, ketchup and other food condiments, infant foods among other processed food. The company has the chief executive officer who is responsible for the day-today operation of the business, in line with the long-term objectives that have been approved by the board. Furthermore, the chief executive is also responsible for making decisions in all matters pertaining the performance and the strategy of the company with the exception of all issues that are to be presided by the board. The companys board of directors establishes the vision and mission and values of the company. The board also delegate authority to the management and evaluates policy implementation (Market publisher 2016).

The company as at May 31, 2016, had a working capital deficiency $17,584 and during that same financial year, the company incurred a loss of $ 2,876,565. The amount money that the company owned by the bank in the short run was $582,547, and directors demanded more loan of $10,891,000 as the company had incurred a loss hence it needed to finance most of its operation. Furthermore, the Canyon Food Company had negative cash flow of $1,562,357, and this may have been the key contributor to the loss that was incurred during that same financial year. The net cash used in investing activities increased drastically, and this might have been as a result of a change in items working capital.

The companys depreciation expenses increased in the year 2016; form $81,116 to $82,446. This might have been contributed by possible impairment of properties and equipment. The company appears to be relying more on loans to finance most of its activities during this particular financial year. For instance, the company has a $6000, 000 line of credit that bears interest the bank and it is subjected to annual renewal and secured by the general security agreement. The companys operational expenses tend to be high, and this may be the reason why the company incurred a loss during this financial years. For instance, the company earned $3,513,516 of its revenue in Canada and $55,581 in of its revenue in the United States, yet it still incurred a loss.

The recent article regarding the company stated that the company market share was reducing as a result of increased competition. There is no any concern as a consequence of this since there is no business that operates in a vacuum environment. The competition does exist in every industry, but it all depends on with how Canyon Creek Food Company responds to such threats (Krivachy Rossmann & Schmidt, 2015).


Krivachy, N., Rossmann, A., & Schmidt, H. L. (2015). Potentials and caveats with oxygen and sulfur stable isotope analyses in authenticity and origin checks of food and food commodities. Food Control, 48, 143-150.

Market publisher (2016). Creek Food Co. Ltd. Fundamental Company Report Including Financial, SWOT, Competitors and Industry Analysis. Retrieved from Creek Food Company Ltd. Consolidated Financial Statements May 31, 2016 and 2015, retrived from

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