Research Paper on Marketing Strategy for Samsung Galaxy

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Date:  2022-11-04


Strategy is a plan of action that should be followed by a company to enable it reach both the short-term and long-term goals. The strategic management team develops a plan that should be implemented by the organization. The marketing strategy of a company helps position the brand of a company in the market as the best. Positioning the brand of a company requires a careful examination of the competitor trends and industrial requirements, that are then incorporated in the marketing strategy. Therefore, for Samsung Company to succeed in its marketing strategy, the strategic team should partner with the marketing department.

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Samsung's Galaxy line positioned itself to be perceived as a phone line that is of the highest quality and represents a strong brand (Samsung). Usually, brands have a specific slogan to create a perceived value in the eyes of the consumers in order to get a head start in positioning their products, but for Samsung, it's different. Samsung doesn't have a specific slogan; instead, they come up with a specific slogan for each product they come out with. The Samsung Galaxy S9, for example, was "The phone. Reimagined". The Galaxy S10 has yet to come out with its own slogan. Samsung is reinforcing their positioning with the S10 by adding new features like an infinite screen, faster processor, and more RAM storage space.


Samsung's pricing strategies, the skimming price and competitive pricing, will still be used when marketing the Galaxy series. The first strategy will allow Samsung to set high or low prices depending on the high-tech features and age of the phone, while the second strategy will enable the company set prices of its products based on its competitors' pricing levels. Therefore, in order for Samsung Galaxy to succeed and increase the clientele base in the future, the company will charge potential customers a cheaper price than the Apple iPhone lines. This will give Samsung an advantage in the pricing strategy category. Clients will be attracted to the new commodities, as they have trust in the Samsung brand.

Product Strategy

The Samsung Galaxy products have a high demand in the market due to their unique features as compared to those from the Apple Inc. The Samsung Galaxy prices are lower. Therefore, the company will sell its products in various places, as it will target a large number of retailers in the market compared to Apple Inc. Samsung has a broad market. This will give the company a comparative advantage to compete favorably in the market with their goods through the existing distribution channels. The Samsung Company will distribute the new version of its software products to the market. In order for Samsung Company to cope with the competitive market and maintain its large clientele base, the management team will have to consider the following target prospects, behavior and trends, and product awareness and attitude.

Target Prospects: The Samsung Galaxy products will target every customer by focusing on strategies like customization and personalization when designing commodities.

Behavior and Trends: In order for the marketing team at Samsung Company to keep up with the industrial trends, the firm will release and introduce new features to its commodities. For instance, innovation of fun, attractive and straightforward products by Apple Inc. will motivate Samsung Company create AR Emoji to meet the desires of the customers because it became a trend for clients.

Product Awareness and Attitude: Samsung should be aware of competing companies and introduce better features than other firms. Product awareness enables a brand to stand out in the market. Advanced technological and dynamic capabilities through innovation and scientific research allow companies to attain customer satisfaction. For example, Samsung Company phones have a high battery life to avoid charging phones regularly. Samsung has a unique brand image that improves customer perception and loyalty with a timely release of better devices attached with proper instructions to use them. The new Galaxy s10 which is due release next year is the most exciting phone with better upgrade features as related to Samsung Galaxy s9.

Future Distribution Strategy

Samsung will sell its Galaxy series in different markets, as long as retailers are willing to take stock. Therefore, Samsung will sell directly or indirectly to consumers. In addition, since Samsung has an existing distribution network from their existing businesses, the channel will become relevant when introducing the Galaxy to the market. Hence, Samsung does not need much in the way of resources to bring the new Galaxy product to new markets. These distribution channels will also be there for the future dissemination of other Samsung products.

Future Marketing Communication Strategy

Media Advertising Campaign: Samsung Company will make use of advertising campaigns to promote it products. For instance, the company will maximize the live commercials for S6 devices on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live Show and the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The two shows will be used to increase awareness of the Samsung brand. Samsung partnered with Fox Channel to run 30-seconds advertising clips during the NFL and college football games. The campaigns have given Samsung Company exposure in the USA market. Samsung also makes use of print advertising in popular newspapers, magazines and journals. The company also used the viral marketing strategy to reach out to the potential customers. For instance, the 60 seconds viral marketing video titled "Anticipation" has popularized the Samsung brand. The message the company intends to put across the existing and potential market is that its products are of high quality and that they will satisfy their needs both in the short-term and in the long-term. The justification for using media channels to advertise Samsung products is because the medium has a large coverage, meaning that thousands of people will be aware of the new product from the company.

Sales Promotion: The Samsung Company uses sales promotion marketing strategy compared to its competitors like Apple Inc. For instance, Samsung uses a reward program. This strategy works when a buyer is awarded a certain number of points for qualified purchases. Points can be used to choose a reward from the catalogue, which features different products from the company like gift cards or phones. Samsung also has a buy-one-get-one free promotion. The company also uses point-of-sales strategy. Samsung's retails stores are creatively designed with the company products to attract customers as they are appealing to the eyes.

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