Research Paper on Young Blacks and Criminal Justice

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Date:  2022-11-05


A country with various race compositions within the entire population is associated with several society-based disparities. One of the critical elements associated with such a scenario is the aspect of criminal justice. In this case, the rate of offense can be measured based on the number of people involved in different criminal activities based on age, gender, and race. Several intervention mechanisms in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States have relied on race-based data to inform the policy formulation, strategic planning, and implementing interventions within the particular social setup. However, for such applications, there is a need for a succinct understanding of the elements that characterize the specified factor. The issue of young people being known for criminal justice in the United Kingdom is one of the critical areas that have raised concern in the central government as well as the local authorities. However, there is an apparent disparity between the number of the young Blacks and Whites associated with juvenile delinquency. Developed states such as the U.S. have also been related to such a case, which calls for a critical assessment of the contributing factors, mitigation measures, and possible sustainable approaches for long-term solutions.

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Moreover, the data from the government sources indicate that there is a clear indicator of the skewed representation of the young people in criminal justice based on the race factor, particularly between the Blacks and Whites. According to the Home Office report, over 2% of the young people were in custody in the year 2010. The number has been changing over the years with the number of offenses committed in the same year being about 176,511 (Home Office, 2015). Male offenders have been noted to exceed the female associated with criminal justice where over 90% of those in custody were males. The number of young people in the United Kingdom related to offenses has been decreasing between 2010 and 2013. However, the number of Blacks associated with different offenses has remained constant in relation percentage representation based on race. By 2015, the number of first-time offenders decreased to 65% from 67% in 2010 where a greater percentage was relating to the Blacks. The same scenario was witnessed with second-time offenders. Furthermore, over 41% of those arrested during Stop and Search were Blacks (Youth Justice Board, 2015). Based on such tendencies, it is necessary to investigate the reasons that contribute to the nature of trends associating Blacks with criminal justice.

Therefore, the proposed study will investigate the reasons why the young Blacks are known for criminal justice in the United Kingdom. The research paper is based on the recent affirmation from the Home Office and other governmental reports that have depicted the existence of a notable trend where more Blacks at between 14 and 17 years of age have been associated with different offenses. The study is based on the limited literature regarding this notion in the United Kingdom. There is a need for a clear assessment of the statistics as well as the theoretical approach to this mater to ensure that the contributing factors, as well as the measures undertaken to curb the tendencies, are apparent. Such achievement will assist in decision processes and strategic planning within the criminal justice system in the country. Therefore, the key objectives associated with this proposed study are as follows.

  • To determine the statistical data and analysis relating to young Blacks and criminal justice in the United Kingdom
  • To highlight the contributing factors relating to young Blacks becoming known for criminal justice in the United Kingdom
  • To assess the implications as well as mitigation measures associated with young Blacks becoming known for criminal justice in the United Kingdom
  • To establish recommendations necessary for effective management of the perspective and tendency associated with young Blacks being known for criminal justice

Furthermore, ethical considerations are important for the proposed dissertation. The study is based on a systematic literature review methodology, which is founded on empirical and systematic review and analysis of the previously conducted qualitative and quantitative evaluations. Therefore, it will be necessary to acknowledge the authors as well as the approaches used to achieve the particular objectives of such publications. In this regard, the study process will ensure that the handling of secondary literature involves a high level of maintaining the original ideas and perception of the first researcher. Where the study will require the inclusion of current trends and new ideas, it will be made clear to separate the literature arguments from the ideas of the researcher (Walters, 2012). The researcher will ensure that the process of presenting the topic of the study is appropriate such that there will be no misrepresentation or profiling of the young Blacks or the literature included in the dissertation. Furthermore, the reporting process will recognize all the stakeholders associated with this research; therefore, it will be essential to review the final report before publication to ensure that the intentions of the investigation have been attained through the designated mechanisms.

Review of the LiteratureOne of the major factors that have subjected the Blacks social vulnerability than the Whites is the effect of social exclusion. Chris Grover (2011), while examining the welfare reforms in the United Kingdom noted that there is clear evidence indicating the accumulation of social exclusion that enhances the disparity among the economic classes and race. The mixed method analysis expounded on the new and previous labor programs and the effect on the social performance among the citizens. The Black communities and other vulnerable groups were noted to be on the receiving end. The need for social work to assist in transforming the programs for the unemployed, the lone parents, the disabled, and the youths was evident in the assessments involved in the study (Grover, 2011). The disparity emanating from social exclusions has enhanced the level of young Blacks being known for criminal justice in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, according to Lena Dominelli (2011), the postmodernism in social work involves the understanding of fixed identities in the society. The problems emanating from the existence of distinct identities in the European communities has contributed to inequalities that attract social strain. Dominelli (2011) evaluated the postmodernism turn in social work, which showed that the existence of inequality contributed to some groups being known for particular identities calling for comprehensive social work analysis. The study noted that the existence of fixed identities, which emanated from exclusion, poses a great social danger especially in the multiethnic countries such as the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, Robert McDonald (2012) pointed out the possibility of the disconnection of the youth from the entire United Kingdom transition culture, which emanated from social exclusion and economic marginalization of the young people. The study pointed out how many young people in the United Kingdom are vulnerable to the implications of exclusion, which makes it difficult for the young people to catch up with the life transition from school, work, and then to adulthood (McDonald, 2012). The study indicated that the problem is a common phenomenon for most young people in the country, but cases involving young Blacks could be worse than the corresponding Whites.

Methodology of the ResearchThe study will investigate the notion of overrepresentation of the young Blacks in criminal justice. The researcher will, therefore, be required to investigate several factors by assessing the statistical reports over a range of several years. Therefore, the study will not consider the initial research design but depend on secondary sources. However, since the study is based on a broad range of topic that requires the examination of several dimensions relating to young Blacks and criminal justice in the United Kingdom. The proposed study will be based on a systematic literature review. The method will include an empirical approach to the topic to answer the designated questions. The baseline of the evaluations will be the objectives that will form the guideline of the entire research process. The rationale for this methodology is based on the extensive nature of the topic, which will require the inclusion of several factors to answer the research questions succinctly. Moreover, the need for a higher degree of validity and reliability associated with this study can be achieved through the inclusion of a full range of data, which cannot be obtained if the dissertation is based on primary methods. Nevertheless, the study will include qualitative and quantitative analysis of the statistical overview associated with the consulted literature.

Moreover, the sources of data involved in this study will be peer-reviewed publications and official government reports. A clear search criterion will be used to ensure that only legitimate literature is used to present the intended objectives. In this case, the study will be based on studies and reports that reflect the country's scenario of the investigated elements. The study is expected to examine the overrepresentation of young Blacks in criminal justice affairs in the entire United Kingdom; therefore, using literature that was based on the whole country as the scope of the investigation will increase the level of reliability of the proposed dissertation. A comparative approach to the selected articles and published reports will assist in drawing relevant correlations. In fact, each selected source will be subjected to the proposed inclusion and exclusion criteria. Therefore, experimental research, government reports, and systematic literature reviews, published within the recent five years will be given the priority.

Furthermore, the magnitude of the topic of the study will require a higher degree of validity and reliability. The research methodology, as well as the process of literature selection, will be critical for the study. The researcher will be keen while investigation the topic by first establishing a substantial justification for the research. The process of study will include the comparison of the preliminary results with the findings of other previous scholarly publications relating to the topic. Therefore, the study will depend on the correlations of the previously discussed research from the government sources and other reputable journals to ascertain the trend relating to young Blacks and criminal justice. Furthermore, the study will gather data from 2010 to ensure that the dissertation includes a wider picture of the topic of investigation. Research validity and reliability in social work assessment and analysis is very critical (Webb, 2001;Sheldon, 2001). Using a range of data collected from government publications report over the years will assist in establishing the recommendations, and the conclusions associated with the study. It will be necessary to ensure that the dissertation assesses the relevant data and sources to make sure that the discussion of the findings is based on concrete evidence, which will assist in generating the necessary recommendations.


Finally, the study seeks to investigate the reasons why the young Blacks are known for criminal justice in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the paper will be based on the existing literature and evaluations relating to the topic of the investigation. Hence, the study process will be subjected to the several limitations that will reduce the extent to which the resul...

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