Rhetorical Analysis of Lynda Smiths Disconnected - Paper Example

Date:  2021-06-25 08:37:50
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The recent advancement in technology has had a profound impact on the way human beings communicate and connect with each other. People separated miles away from each other do not need to physically meet to communicate or connect with each other as everything is within a dial away. Technology has also made it easier for people to travel long distances due to the improvement in the transport system. Despite the merits that have come with the improvement in technology, it is worth noting that what might seem as a potent tool linking people together is equally a string divisive tool. Technology has impacted on peoples lives in a negative way with gadgets replacing human relations. The social set up where people preferred personal communication is long gone as people resort to communicating using gadgets. Technology thus serves as a disconnecting tool with family relations deteriorating as technology progresses (Mauk & Metz, 2015). Various scholars have addressed the concerns associated with the disconnection brought about by technology but none touches on the subject in a more subtle yet persistent manner as Lynda Smith in her essay Disconnected. A careful analysis of her essay depicts the use of rhetoric strategies such as pathos, logos and ethos to make her arguments even more persuasive to her readers.

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After a careful analysis of Lynda Smiths essay Disconnected one gets to experience her concerns by relating to her personal story on why technology despite its merits has its downsides. She argues that in recent times, the advancement in technology has taken over the basic human interactions thus destroying the social relations people had (Mauk & Metz, 2015). As a passionate appeal to her readers, Smith effectively uses the element of pathos to touch on the emotional appeal of her readers. She effectively does this by speaking clearly to those of whom communication gadgets plays a significant role in their lives in helping them connect with their families and friends. To this lot, technology plays an irreplaceable role in creating social connection. In her argument, she appeals to their emotion by challenging them to introspectively look at how the gadgets are impacting negatively on their ability to connect with their inner world. She uses an example of how a walk with her grandmother to the store is not one that provides room for social connection but one that is disconnecting. People prefer driving to walking hence little time for basic interactions. In affirming her argument, she points at the disadvantage of the virtual connections created by the devices in hindering real communication and connection.

Lyndas overall argument is human beings should go back to the basics as far as social connections are concerned. They should refrain from being overly reliant on technological devices as they deny them the chance to engage with their inner worlds. Her effective use of rhetorical strategies such as questions like are more ways to connect making us more connected? serve a better purpose in not only informing her readers but invokes their use of logos or reason in looking at the negative impact of technology in human interactions. She is also effective in her argument especially in the manner in which she is able to appeal emotional to her readers. In addition, she uses facts and data from CIA on telephone and internet use in America to back her arguments on why technology is creating disconnections in the society (Mauk & Metz, 2015). This indicative of effective use of the element of ethos in coming up with convincing arguments. It is the effectiveness in her argument that makes me agree with her overall argument. I believe she is right on the fact that technology has affected the way people interact in the modern world. For instance, looking at the current interactions that people have, there is a great disconnection among people as majority opt for the use of social media to communicate with their loved ones rather than make an effort to meet them in person and communicate on a personal level.

It is thus prudent to realize that Lyndas essay Disconnected served more to persuade and inform readers of why the advancement in technology should be embraced with caution. It should be handled in a manner that does not get into the basic social interactions that people have in their day to day lives. Her overall message is thus clear that people should go back to the basics on how to revert to meaningful and connecting interactions rather than use of technology which easily disconnects.


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