New Phone: Urban Living Redefined With AI-Enabled Camera - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-05


The new product that is introducing in the market is the new phone that will have better features and capabilities in the market. The new phone has features that fit the user living in urban centers. The phone is designed to have a high speed of surfing the internet using the latest internet technology. The camera is also unique in terms of the degree of view that the camera is capable of. The camera has incorporated the artificial intelligence technology that enables it to detect the owner of the phone from the crowd. The battery capacity is also better because the phone can last for more hours without needing to be recharged a challenge affecting many other brands of phones in the market. The new phone is meant to be used by busy urban people, and they need their phones for more hours without recharging.

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The audience of the new phone is mainly professionals and business people that need help and reliable phone in their work. Other phones in the market are not reliable to my target audience because they need to recharge all the time (Vezzoli 7). The phone is also faster when it's offering its services to the owners in terms of completing processes faster. The audience of the phone is busy all the time; hence they cannot waste time waiting for phones to carry out processes. People will also like the phone because of the elegant look that it has. The look makes it look unique and different from other phones sold in the market. Many people in need of phones match their lifestyles.

Various marketing strategies apply to advertise the phone to potential customers. Marketing is essential because it creates awareness among potential customers (Ottman). The media choice used in advertising the new phone should be the one that is accessible by the target audience. Among the most applicable marking platforms for advertising the phone include the television. Majority of the potential customers have access to television; hence the information regarding the release of the form will be helpful to them.

Internet is another effective marketing tool that the new phone manufacturer can use to market the phone. Internet is capable because a majority of the people are on the internet most of their time; hence they are likely to sell more phones. Internet does not regulate the area that the advert can cover. The company reduces the marketing costs of the company (Ottman). Introducing a new product to people that have never heard of the phone again is challenging because one has to prove that the products work. When marketing the phone on television, the marking should be focused on telling the audience that the phone has been used before. The advert on television will make the product to be trusted by people who can later purchase the phones. The marketing platform and strategy will determine whether the new product will be the purchase or not.


In conclusion, when introducing a new product in the market, the product must stand out to be able to compete with other products. Differentiating the product makes the work of marketing the product to be easier because the customers can quickly identify the product. Marketing is also essential in letting the product known to people who eventually buy the product.

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