Rising Employment and Housing Costs in Philadelphia - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-27


Philadelphia city has experienced growth in the employment sector for the past few years. Majority of people living in Philadelphia are employed for educational services, healthcare, and social assistance and the retail traders (O'Driscoll, 2019).

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The average property worth in Philadelphia is $154,000.The price is 0.75 times lesser than the national mean of $205,000. From 2015 to 2016 the average property worth increased by about$4,000 from $150,700 to $154,000, which is 2.19% rise. The homeownership level of Philadelphia is about 52.1%, which is a decrease compared to the national average of 63.1% ("Population Ecology 2019 Editorial", 2019). In Philadelphia County, the majority of the housing units constructed are single family residences. The housing units have been well taken care of, and they seem to be in the right conditions.


Most of the houses have been constructed using bricks as the primary material. All the brick houses have been renovated with plumbing. In the cities, homes have smaller gardens compared to those in the township. The yards have been well taken care of as they are clean and not bushy. In the cities there very few vacancies in accommodation due to the majority of people are here in search of employment. In the back yard, there is a tiny percentage of abandoned cars which are out of service.


35% of youths of age 25 years have at least a bachelor's degree or higher, equated to the U.S. average of 28%of bachelor's degree, and 13% have advanced degrees, related to the U.S. average of 10%. There exist both private schools and public schools. The enrollment at each level drops as you move to higher levels of education. For instance, the primary school enrolls more students compared to the secondary and tertiary levels.

Health Care

Majority of the population women have health care coverage compared to men. The ratio between women and men is expected as 34:25. The locality has a rate of 1: 69 of the primary care clinician and the patient. The Medicare compensation average per patient for each year is $10,530. Philadelphia region has the utmost prevalence of manslaughters of any county in Pennsylvania. In the county, the government has set up several big hospitals at a walking distance and easily accessible to the residents around. There are also many physicians and dental offices set up near the residents available at a walking distance. There are too many parks and open places which have well been maintained


The public transport systems are commercial buses, train, and airplanes for longer distances and international travels. Car possession in Philadelphia is lesser than the national expected average; the ownership is averagely one car per household. Most of the traffic signs are placed at the right place and in good condition all working. Majority of the vehicles are relatively new, and this is as a result of strict environmental policies to help reduce carbon emission from old cars.

Social Economic

Philadelphia's social, economic activities include manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, health care, financial services, biotechnology, telecommunications, and tourism.


Philadelphia has people of different religions. Christianity makes up the highest percentage of 48.1% of the population; Secularity has 24.3 %, Islam 9.6 %, Judaism 2.6 Hinduism and finally Buddhism which has 1%. Several Baptist and methodistic churches have been erected all over the county.

From the windshield survey carried out, there are several positives Philadelphia has: the first majority of the people in the county are above the poverty line hence it is easier to incorporate the whole community in a community project such helping the homeless and to set up homes for the old people to be taken care of. Secondly, the majority of the population is made up of middle-aged people who are responsible and hence are aware of the impacts of environmental degradation and will do everything to avoid the causes of diseases. Apart from the positives, the community also has some negatives, given the fact majority of the people use private vehicles such ill health vices such as smoking can be hard to tackle given that identifying people who smoke might not be easy as compared to if many people use public vehicles. From the preliminary results as obtained from the assessment, Philadelphia faces two clearly outlined health concerns: the safety of the cyclists and walkers due to inadequate sidewalks and the health concern about the cigarette smokers and those people living.


In community health, the role of a nurse is significant. Having an understanding of the different types of communities, good assessment proficiency and being aware of the various health risks and susceptible populations are the essential skills for any successful nurse on duty. Proper utilization of the resources at disposal and collaboratively working with the rest of the professionals helps to improve the health of a particular community.


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