Sherlock Holmes' Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-09-28


Based on a local spectral legend hound that haunted Dartmoor in Devonshire in England, the setting of the story is in the moors at the Baskerville hall and a nearby Grimpen Mire which takes place at night, at a time when the hound that is terrifying howls for blood. Sir Charles Baskerville is killed with his face twisted in stark terror, and Sherlock Holmes is forced to investigate the cause of the murder. Therefore, the paper is premised on a discussion on the character traits of Sherlock Holmes.

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Sherlock Holmes is an observant detective that is world-renowned of 221b baker street. For all his assumed intuition and genius, he is omniscient virtually in the story, and he becomes more accessible in his constant pretension and posturing context. In the story, Holmes lets down his security guard and accepts a fragile ego. When he is challenged at the beginning of the book, where Mortimer grades him as the second-best crime solver in Europe after letting down his guard, he asks who could be the first. However, the ego of Holmes is kept in check by a constant adulation dose from Watson. Additionally, Holmes announces regularly some unsubstantiated and absurd conclusions to mock Watson through revealing the clues that are most obvious. In the long run, Holmes toys with his associates the way he flouts his enemies, misleading, equivocating and making fools out of them to help in his crime-solving cachet.

Being a great detective, he is always ever practical and is seen as a security provider. Holmes does not care about the earth's rotation as it does not affect his case. Amidst of widespread belief in curses and supernatural, he is the only person who does not doubt the pursuit of a rational cause. He represents a world of explanations, logic, order, and science. Moreover, Watson mentions in most cases that he wishes that Holmes was available, instead of going back to London. Also, Sir Henry wants the detective to be around, and the two men become relieved when they find Holmes nearby. Holmes has a reputation of being able to handle cases that are difficult and curb them, or at least danger is lessened with a good reason. He is always the one to turn to, the way Dr. Mortimer did when they were stuck in the middle of a crisis and did not know what to do.

Sherlock Holmes represents goodness as he seeks and finds the truth, bringing justice in driving evils to their demise. However, the theme that underlies, of good victorious over bad, is always not clear-cut due to the character's complexity and plot. For example, when Holmes finally enters Baskerville hall, he sees the family picture of Sir Hugo and realizes from the resemblance instantly that Stapleton is evil Hugo's throwback. A person whose death occurred through a demoniac hound while trying to rape the neighbor's daughter. Holmes later arranges that the visit of Sir Henry to the Stapleton be the occasion of flashing out and capturing Stapleton.


In conclusion, Sherlock Holmes was a great detective that was loved by all as he could solve difficult cases or curb them as a way of making peace. He investigated the death of Sir Charles Baskerville and found the killer to protect their heir of Baskerville. He is a fascinating character in the book, and his character traits are such as being observant, practical, fearless, seeks and finds the truth, et cetera, making him be considered as a provider of security.

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