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Significance of Statistics - Paper Example

Date:  2021-07-05 08:54:13
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Activity 1.1

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Statistics are usually presented in an attempt to enhance the credibility and reliability of an advice or even an argument. One can see this by paying special attention to the advertisements on television. Most or the numbers provided or given in this manner cannot be a representation of accurate statistical evaluation. They can be inaccurate and misleading, thus pushing one into decisions or actions that he or she might come to regret later. Therefore, taking statistics seriously can help one in his career development path.

Statistics is significant in the professional development as it aims at enriching individuals with knowledge regarding statistics and practical knowledge. Via hands-on together with practical practice, a lot of experimentation, thorough use of visualizations and simulations, reflection as well as feedback from one another, individuals are able to handle complex situations especially in the field of business.

Learners take part in a various participatory and collaborative activities, which can enable them enhance their pedagogical knowledge and content of statistics as well as being real practitioners, then replicate what they have to an actual workplace setting. Learning about the significance of statistics is important in different fields ranging from education to business. It invites anyone, especially those in the business world to reform or change their statistical behavior going forward. It makes one not to follow or accept findings or numbers blindly any longer, rather he or she starts to think about the figures, how they were obtained or arrived at, and most significantly, the methods that were employed to create or reach them.

Activity 1.2

Learning about statistics can be a significant step towards the taking of control of ones life. In fact, it is not definitely the only step essential for this process or purpose. For instance, just like most individuals, one might perhaps feel that it is essential to take control of their own lives. This partly implies that being in a position to appropriately appraise the data and claims, which an individual encounter daily. If they cannot be able to differentiate good from a bad thinking, they he or she is susceptible to manipulation as well as to the decisions that do not properly suit their interests. Statistics offer tools and procedures that one needs for the purposes of having an intelligent and well informed reaction to information he or she hears or reads. As such, statistics is one of the most essential things that an individual can study.

One can take the initial step right away. In order to be a good and intelligent use of statistics, the first reflex should be raising reservations with the kind of statistics he or she comes across. For instance, the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said that there exist three types of lies; that is lies, damned lies and then statistics. The quote is a reminder of the importance of understanding statistics. This can help an individual to comprehensively analyze his or her environment and comprehend the trends especially in the business world without being misled by the statistical figures presented, in case they are not accurate

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