Single Parenting: A Challenging Yet Rewarding Journey - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-06


There is no predetermined parenting guide out there for parents to follow when raising their kids. Every child is unique and has different needs which require to be taken care of lest they stray from the path. Having a partner assist you to raise your children is an added advantage, but it's not a guarantee that it will be any easier. Parenting is both a gift and a taxing process that requires a lot of commitment and work to succeed. However, unlike couple single moms have only themselves to shoulder these responsibilities. Whether single by choice or circumstances, they have no one else to turn to for assistance and rely only on themselves to take care of their families. They are the sole breadwinners and the glue that hold the family together.

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As a single mother of two who manages to work, go to school and take care of her children, I can speak with experience on the matter. Being a single mom requires me to work twice as hard to make sure that my children will not lack for anything. I am forced to work more hours to pay the bills and somehow still find the time to go to school. In spite of my predicaments, I have always managed to make time for my kids. It's my life's credo that one should always make time for their children regardless of how busy you are. My opinion on the matter led me to design a routine that allows me to spend maximum time with my kids. We always have our meals together as a family to catch up on the day events, which allows me to be actively involved in their lives.

By spending more times with my family, I can support them in a larger capacity than just financially. Emotional support is just as important as financial support, and they need to know that their mother is always there for them lest they become withdrawn. I recall a case when my son was being bullied in school by his classmates for not having a father. I began to notice the change in his behavior which prompted me to inquire more from him. As a result of the special bond and trust we have for each other, he opened up to me and told me what was bothering him. I sat him down and explained to him that it's normal not to have both parents and he is not to blame for the situation. After a long talk, he understood and gradually returned to his normal jovial self, and chose not to take the harsh words of his classmates to heart.

I have come to expect such challenging conversations to take place between my children and I. Nonetheless; I always make sure that I show them love and spend enough time with them to spot issues a mile away. It allows me to prepare in advance for every situation and where I am less informed to seek guidance on how to proceed - a positive home environment where people are happy beneficial to both the parents and the kids. As evident throughout their education, they have been performing very well in school. I have not been called to their school due to indiscipline, but I have received commendations from their teachers for raising such respectful children. Hearing such praise about my kids from those in a position of authority makes me a very proud single mom.


In conclusion, a credo is only as good as the person who uses it. It should be something that you believe is best suited for you and your family. Raising a family is no easy task, and each child presents a different challenge. Therefore, you should take into account all factors while deciding on the best credo for your family to make sure that it's all-inclusive. My belief is that love, time and understanding are the most important of them all.

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