Speech in Support of Parents Spanking Their Children - Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-10-01

I have never been in a situation where people have judged my parenting skills or being called a child abuser because of administering discipline to my daughter. I was disappointed by this, and hence there is an exigence to address those who are against child spanking. I believe that children should be spanked by their parents because they have a right to discipline their children the way they want and is beneficial for the mental growth of the child.

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As parents, we should spank our children because it is a helpful means of discipline as the child grows. Spanking promotes or safeguards the welfare of the minor because this punishment prevents the misconduct of the child and moral degradation. This is because parents have the responsibility to discipline their children, teach them acceptable behaviors and help them to learn right from wrong (Val-Essen, 2012). I believe that Spanking allows children to get the message that a certain behavior is unacceptable and that parents have a good reason for spanking them. Spanking is helpful because it is a means where parents tighten their control over their children (Lightfoot, Cole & Cole, 2018).

Moreover, parents have a right to discipline their children in the way they deem appropriate (Al Dosari, Ferwana, Abdulmajeed, Aldossari, & Al-Zahrani, 2017). As parents, we should understand that we get angry at our childrens misbehaviors that demands our obligation to spank them. This is motivated by love towards the child and focuses on the future development of good morals. The outcome is obedience and feeling of security. Every parent has an endless responsibility and opportunity to teach their children how to live healthfully and efficiently as well as loving other people well. What we should understand as parents is that the a gentle spanking sting is associated with the control of long-term and greater pain of unhealthy choices. Lastly, the Bible gives every parent an obligation to discipline their children.

In conclusion, I think spanking children is an appropriate form of discipline. It is beneficial to the mental health of the child. This is because it prevents the childs misconduct and enhances moral development. As parents, we must discipline our children whenever they do the contrary of what we expect. One of the ways of disciplining them is by spanking. We should, therefore, believe it as an ethical form of punishment.


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