Annotated Bibliography on Mother Tongue Influence in English Communication - Paper Example

Date:  2021-06-07 23:22:17
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Carrio-Pastor, Maria L, and Inmaculada T. Valles. "A Comparative Study of the Influence of the

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Mother Tongue in Lsp and Clil." Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 178 (2015): 38-42. Print.

In the above article, the researcher's interest was to investigate the influence of mother tongue in learning a foreign language. In the article, they key objectives were to investigate on the student's motivation by mother tongue when taught a foreign language. The searchers applied different methodologies to account for the motivation induced by mother tongue language. The two methodologies were; investigation on the acquisition of foreign languages and the second one was an investigation of the influence of mother tongue and its motivation regarding the acquisition of a second language. Following the two methodologies, there were fifty students participants were enrolled for the study by subjecting twenty-five students to one methodology. Data was then collected using assignments give to those students and analyzed its output by considering the mother tongue influence.

On the critique of this research, the researchers didn't mention the inclusion and exclusion criteria to avoid biases in the study. At a certain age, one is highly influenced by the mother tongue language, especially in childhood or preschool. Again the study failed to provide a wide view of their objective on whether the influence was in one foreign language or to all foreign languages. Mother tongue has an influence on learning a foreign language due to pronunciations.

Concerning the application of this research on this topic, the results are significantly helpful in understanding scholar's outcomes when influenced by mother tongue. In most occasions, immigrants find themselves in the trap of new languages which many affect the learning capacity of students.

Thyab, R. A, "Mother-Tongue Intereference in the Acquisition of English Articles by L1 Arabic

Students." Journal of Education and Practice. 7(2016): 3. Print.

This article has focused on how native speakers of Arabic are faced with difficulties when attempting to acquire English articles. The study addressed how Arabic learners are affected by their mother tongue when trying to acquire English articles due to the difference in article systems in both languages. The study applied a literature review method to investigate from previous studies where a thorough analysis of preexisting data was done. The study also compared between Arabic and English articles. The conclusion of the study was that there need be contrastive analysis between the article systems in both Arabic and English language because Arabic LI speakers face difficulties when trying to use English articles.

On the critique part of this study, the researchers didn't use a statistical data analysis to analyze the existing studies data from the previous studies. When analyzing existing data from previous studies, it's essential to apply themes of your research study as a researcher that are used to guide the reader. Concerning the strength of the study, it has based its conclusion on analysis of previous data which provides the reader with a wide area of comparison depending on many study findings.

The application of this study concerning this topic is that English teachers can apply the facts derived from this study when trying to clarify on areas where students experience difficulties when trying to learn a new language or when integrating common languages like English with your native language. Another application is that the study conclusion is essential for helping learners in overcoming such challenges that are influenced by their mother tongue.

Sriprabha, M. A Study on Mother Tongue Influence in English Communication. International

Journal of English Literature and Culture. 11(2016): Vol 3:296-300 Print.

In this article, the author who is an assistant professor working in the department of English in SVS College has focused on how mother tongue influences English as an international language. The aim of the study was to discuss how mother tongue influences speaking English across the globe and how the encountered challenges can be handled by the learners or even a community to facilitate clear communication of ideas. The author different themes to discuss the influence of mother tongue in English speaking and measures put in place to help learners in acquiring proper communication ability.

On the critique of this study, the author failed to address on a research methodology that was used to gather information from different works of literature. The use of the various themes as topics to address the topic is the strength of the study discussion that guides the learner through the study to understand the study implications.

Regarding the application of this study discussion, it has well-organized concepts and ideas on how mother tongue influences English speaking. These concepts and ideas can be used to address why students or any other learner is affected by the mother tongue while trying to acquire the English language. The author has also addressed on measures that can be used to overcome barriers initiated by the mother tongue language that can be applied globally by learners when beginning to learn English.

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