School of Nursing Scholarship Benefits

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Date:  2021-05-20

Upon receiving a scholarship to pursue nursing studies I anticipate realizing numerous benefits, which will play a crucial role with respect to addressing the various challenges that characterize the rapidly changing nursing environment. I will also be in a position to reconsider my role in the nursing faculty in the event of the growing multifaceted nursing learning setting. Furthermore, a vital part of the role will revolve around gaining opportunities for a nursing scholarship pertinent to my key qualifications. As it is the case with different academic disciplines, a scholarship in the nursing environment will provide me with the chances for evaluating the various reward systems, which overcome the diverse challenges apparent in the nursing field.

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In the nursing environment, the field is more pertinent, while rigorous academic inquiry will facilitate in applying the demands and realities of practice. In the event of a nursing faculty, the scholarship will provide me with diverse opportunities, which will provide me with the capacity for merging scientific inquiry and application via professional services thereby allow me to operate in a way that will support my academic success. Also, with a nursing scholarship, I will manage to set priorities for teaching and provide service while directly following my professional goals.

Moreover, the nursing scholarship program will provide me with the opportunity for entering the masters program, such as through receiving tuition funding, fees, as well as other costs of education while at the same time working with the goal of exchanging for a job at a reputable nursing institution upon graduating. The program will provide me with the opportunity of becoming a nurse hence contribute to the overall goal of minimizing the shortage of nurses, which various health care institutions encounter.

Upon graduating after gaining the scholarship program, I will manage to work at reputable facilities for a number of years, thereby provide me with an opportunity for realizing competitive salary as well as benefits. As a nursing student, I will manage to gain financial support, which will then allow me exchange willingness for serving as a qualified nurse. Therefore, while serving in a scholarship position as a nurse, I will realize numerous benefits ranging from tuition, eligible fees, monthly stipend, as well as other ideal costs, such as clinical supplies, books, instruments, supplies, as well as uniforms. In this perspective, I believe that the nursing scholarship program will provide me with diverse opportunities and resources, which will allow me, excel as a professional nurse.

Professional Nurse Roles

Professional nurses play various roles in their area of practice. Nurses are supposed to act as caregivers, communicators, and educators among other roles. In case nurses are eradicated from the roles they play, the health care system would end up collapsing. Many people do not appreciate the responsibilities of nurses, although they play key roles in the hospital setting. Among the diverse roles that nurses play within the health care setting comprise of a caregiver, decision makers, and communicators among other roles. The care provided is dependent on the requirements and needs of patients. Patients usually encounter various illness stages, meaning that some of them require precise attention and care as opposed to others. These might comprise of overall care, which revolves around undertaking different activities for patients. In this sense, the nurses are the ones responsible for handling those roles.

Professional nurses also serve as key decision-makers in the case of clients while they are required to utilize their critical thinking capabilities to allow them to realize the ideal outcomes in the case of patients. Certain critical thinking skills revolve around patient evaluation, problem recognition, and intervention prevention, which play an essential role with respect to promoting patient health. Lastly, nurses play the role of communicators through devising the most effective ways of communication with patients together with their family members. This plays a critical role concerning expediting the healing process.

Personal Experiences and Activities

While serving as a professional nurse, various experiences and activities have played a significant role with respect to making me the kind of person I am today. For instance, as an undergraduate student, I engaged in tasks related to obtaining and recording vital signs of patients, intake, as well as output, while providing them with information concerning daily living. I have several years experience serving in the community with the goal of offering quality care within a health care environment. I have notable confidence when it comes to communicating with patients, doctors, co-workers, as well as other departments concerning patient care, in line with sharing and locating resources for supporting patient care.

I also lay significant emphasis in matters [pertaining to promoting the health of patients together with their families, while disseminating relevant information in the case of support groups. I also focus on surveying the health needs for community members to identify the existing ways, which can assist me in addressing the diverse political, economic, and demographic issues facing patients and their families within a healthcare setting as well as the community. Furthermore, I have volunteered for diverse activities, such as dealing with individuals having mental health. In this case, my role is to offer a supporting environment while developing my interpersonal abilities and skills for working in a cooperative manner with a broad range of individuals.

Critical Thinking among Nurses

Concerning professional nurses, they serve as bedside leaders, while critical thinking plays a crucial role in allowing them to undertake their leadership duties in an efficient manner. Critical thinking entails an intellectual process, which requires individuals to apply skillful reasoning, which plays a major role concerning guiding their beliefs and actions. While utilizing critical thinking, one might encounter several challenges. In my case, I have encountered various challenges, which have affected my role as a professional nurse. For instance, I feel I do not have the ultimate desire for assisting other individuals wholeheartedly. I face challenges with regard to identifying specific problems that face the society and patients, thereby hindering me from coming up with ideal solutions, especially when new health care related issues emerge. In this sense, I also feel challenged to select the effective solution, which can assist me in attaining the required solutions. In this sense, I encounter numerous problems when it comes to dealing with patients, families, colleagues, and institutional administration.

Although critical thinking is applicable in diverse aspects of the nursing practice, I feel that I have not applied it successfully in my various areas of practice. I have been incapable of incorporating my nursing school skills into practice, mostly because of challenges with respect to making rational decisions and thinking clearly, hence leading me to lag behind in the clinical practice. The major areas I have faced difficulties relate to taking vital signs, especially because I face challenges when it comes to making efficient and quick decisions while under pressure, hence leading me to struggle while in my nursing profession.

Honor Code Understanding in School of Nursing

The school of nursing has an Honor Code. My understanding concerning the honor code revolves around the maintenance of trust, honesty, and respect to the students and faculty. I believe that the faculty and students should ensure they exercise high standard integrity and honor. By implementing the honor code appropriately, the faculty and students manage to gain notable recognition in the case of personal and academic achievements. As a practicing professional nurse, I plan upholding the honor code in diverse ways.

One of the ways in which I plan to uphold the Honor Code is through avoiding plagiarism. I will do this through avoiding presenting the ideas of other people as my own and refrain from using the assignments of other students. I will also focus on observing exam integrity through refraining from recording written or oral forms of any parts of questions or other learning assessments. Moreover, I will refrain from creating or fabricating data, resources, or research, or alter any graded work without the consent from the instructor of the course. In addition, I will avoid incidences related to bribery, misrepresentation, lying, or threatening other students for any reasons. I will also avoid any incidences that lead me to gain access to unauthorized or safeguarded information. By observing these issues, I will be in a position to purse my career uninterrupted, hence allow me to excel in my area of specialization.

Challenged Values

Based on the notion that my peers, patients, colleagues, and families might not share a similar culture, ethnic, or values, one might encounter several challenges in value. This way, it is ideal for individuals to make sure they develop cultural acceptance, sensitivity, and respect to facilitate in addressing the diverse challenges one encounters in the nursing profession. In my case as a nurse professional, the issues I have faced relate to the provision of patient centered care. For instance, poor teamwork understanding serves as one of the major issues I face in the workplace. I have difficulties in organizing team members in coordinating the centrality of patients. In this case, it becomes challenging to provide nursing while in isolation since it demands other team members input. Since the role that nurses undertake are usually limited by what they might do to allow them sustain patient centered care, fostering leadership would play a key role with regard to boosting the overall care toward patients.

Personal barriers also hinder me in delivering quality care in the health care setting. For instance, low pay, hard work, as well as other problems that prevail in the workplace pose challenges with regard to allow me utilize my full potential when delivering care to patients. The last problem results from organizational barriers, including staffing problem, nurse doctor relationships, and lack of encouragement and support, which hinder me in delivering effective patient-centered care. By addressing these issues, I believe I would be in a position to demonstrate culture acceptance, sensitivity, and respect within the health care center.

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