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Survey to Gain Feedback on Clients Paper Example

Date:  2021-05-20 21:46:25
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A survey can be described as a question or a sequence of questions that are structured with an objective of gathering information pertaining a particular group of people or other phenomena. It is also a tool that can be used to examine all parts of a phenomenon. Today a survey can be employed for numerous functions. For instance, it can be used to attain feedback from senior citizens pertaining the effectiveness of service delivery by the members of a group which they belong. This essay is a structure of a survey designed to attain feedback from clients and caregivers on how best the Hand in Hand elderly organization can meet their needs. This essay achieves its objective by focusing on the targeted organizations description, survey participants, data collection, data recording, data analysis and the survey questions.

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Organization Description

The Hand in Hand organization is situated along Trinity Wallsend Methodist Church Hall, Station Road in Wallsend. The organization offers a variety of programs to persons aged 65 years and above. Some of the programs offered at the center include entertainment, quizzes, motivational speaking, arts and crafts, tea meetings and information sessions. The only requirement needed is for a person to be aged 65 years and above. The organization is opened every Tuesday from 11 am and runs up to 2:30 pm.


The participants of the institution are elderly persons aged 65 years and above. Carers of the elderly persons are also allowed to attend the sessions. There is no physical restriction for the condition of people who may wish to attend the organizations programs. This means the participants can either be assisted or not for them to attend the sessions. The choice of the location was chosen strategically in consideration to the proximity of the participants. This is because the organization is situated in a location where the elderly persons can access it with ease. The institution is also located at that point due to their age as well as health conditions. Participants are free to join the organization at any time without any incurring any fees.

Data Collection

It is the process of gathering as well as measuring data on various variables of interest. This is performed in a systematic fashion, which allows a researcher to attain an answer on a stated question hypothesis. The technique also allows a researcher to evaluate the outcomes of a research. In this case study, a questionnaire will be used for data collection. Questionnaire forms will be issued to the respondents who will then complete them and return them to the researcher. There are three reasons as to why this is a preferable data collection technique for this case. First, data collected using a questionnaire is remarkably easy to analyze. The questionnaire forms can also be issued to a large number of participants for a timely response to the featured questions. Finally, they are simple to administer since their format is familiar to many persons.

Data Recording

In this research, a questionnaire template will be employed for data recording. The template will feature the responses of the questionnaire questions and them prepared for analysis. There are several reasons why the questionnaires have been chosen for data recording in this research. First, the target participants are familiar with surveys, and as such, they will feel comfortable when responding to the close ended questions that will be featured in the questionnaire template. The technique will also aid in reducing instances of data bias since similar questions will be asked to all participants.

Data Analysis

In this research, the Data Cracker Software will be used for data analysis. The software is a web based tool that can be used to analyze a variety of survey information. It is user friendly as well as intuitive to employ in a survey data analysis exercise. The application has a familiar Office-like interface which can function on any web browser via the HTML file technology. The results of the analysis are highlighted using advanced techniques that rank the information in terms of their statistical significance.

Survey Questions Chart

Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied

1. How can you classify your satisfaction levels with the services offered to you in the organization? 2. How is the quality of the customer care services at the organization? 3. How is the tea offered in the organization meetings? 4. How do you find the other programs offered to the group participants? 5. In overall, how satisfied are you with the organization? 6. How well do the organizations products satisfy your needs? 7. How responsive are the groups management team to your questions and concerns? 8. How are the discussions offered at the tea group meetings in the organization? 9. How is the comfort levels of the organizations meeting venue? 10. How effective is the communication offered to you by the staff members of the organization? Conclusion

In summary, a survey is a question or a sequence of questions that are structured with an objective of gathering information pertaining a particular group of people or other phenomena. It is an effective tool that can be used to gather information on the satisfaction of the elderly persons and their carers from the services offered to them in an organization. The questionnaire tool can be used for data collection and recording when performing a survey. After the survey data is collected and recorded, it can be analyzed using the Data Cracker Software.

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