SWOT Analysis of Dubai Cares

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Date:  2021-05-24

SWOT breakdown is a vital tool which can be used by organizations to assess issues affecting the firm. It helps firms assess their current position so as to come up with strategic plans to better counter challenges in its environment. SWOT stands for Strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. It is most effective when a firm has already come up with a set of issues to be addressed and has come up with goals it intends to accomplish. In this way, SWOT analysis is effective in that it gives a sense of clarity as to where the firm stands and the direction it intends to go.

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Strengths of Dubai Care

The strength portion of a SWOT analysis deals with the positive attributes of a firm, whether tangible or intangible that gives the firm a competitive edge. These are factors that are within the control of the firm. They address such issues as the resources the firm has, the advantages the firm has over its competitors and what the firm does best. Dubai Cares has several strengths that make it provide the best services to children in developing countries. The charitable organization has a strong financial muscle with which to carry out its various development projects aimed at improving the welfare of children. There is also adequate manpower in the various countries where the organization operates. The sufficiency of volunteers who offer their various professional services to help in the forward progression of the firm is also a source of strength for the firm. With this, the firm is able to enjoy an array of professional services with which to propel itself in providing the best services to children.


Much as the firm has adequate volunteers, some of them do not have the requisite knowledge and expertise with which to perform some of its technical activities such as accounting functions. There are also stringent laws and regulations imposed by different governments regarding the operations of charitable organizations which hamper the activities of the firm. There is also biting poverty levels in some of the countries served by the organization, implying that the organization has to dig deeper into its pockets to cater for the needs of these children.


With the growing trends towards philanthropy, the organization can reap massive benefits in cases where individuals would wish to donate their resources in terms of finances, property and time. This growing trend ensures that these organizations are sufficiently funded to enable effectively carry out their operations. Governments also chip in financially or pass favorable policies that benefit expatriates working for these charitable organizations. Such policies include tax breaks and favorable migration policies.


The practice of child trafficking remains the biggest threat to the operations of charitable organizations. Children are trafficked for harmful businesses such as sexual abuse and child labor in different destinations. High illiteracy levels also work to hamper the operations of the organization as it implies that the firm has to dig deeper into its pockets to finance recurrent operations rather than focus on development endeavors.

Objectives of a PR campaign

1. To provide information to its various stakeholders regarding the operations of the organization.

2. To reinforce the brand image: a public relations campaign works to ensure that the image of the firm stands at a favorable light with its stakeholders.

3. Creating interest in the activities and operations of the organizations

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