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The Birth of a Nation (The Clansman)The Birth of a Nation was formerly referred to as The Clansman. It was the 2nd task of Thomas Dixon that involved the Traitor and the Leopards Spots. It influenced the philosophy that assisted the reconstruction of the Klan commonly referred as the KKK. The Clansman was first adopted by its writers as a play and later taken by Griffith as a movie The Birth of a Nation. The film is concerned with reconstruction, and The Klan is approved by the 2nd half of The Birth of a Nation.' When comparing the film and the book there emerges a significant difference, the film is said to incorporate that Dixon was very compromising to the Southerners partaking current professions and education whereas the film addresses ownership of land. The movie is a message to the Northerners to practice racial segregation. The blacks when not busy turn violent and savage. They indulge in criminal activities such as robbery, rape, and murder. Dixon claimed to produce the film to the southerners who felt convinced by his beliefs though most of them did not joined the Klan. The author portrays Austin Stoneman as the manager of the house. Further, he is portrayed to be full of hate and as an individual who was concentered in power. Austins motive is to make the white Southerners suffer for their activities against the oppressive authority. The power was turning the former slaves against the white individuals and utilized the iron fist of the group occupation soldiers to develop new leaders. The task of the Klan was to preserve the White individuals from the Carpetbaggers and Blacks. Some individuals ridiculed Dixon's report that the Klan had rescued the South from the Negro rule as absurd.

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The film The Birth of a Nation allowed Dixon's task reach many audiences who begun the rebounding of the Klan. The second Klan outgrew the first, contributing to significant membership from the Northern countries because of the success of the movie and novel. The social influence of the book was enormous. Anglo-centric individuals were limited to the Southern countries and had little members. The book and the film encouraged Anglo-Saxons through the authority held by the Klan. In the North, the Klan advocated for suppression of Catholics, African-Americans, Jews and other immigrants. The Klan had great power in the state of Indiana due to their native sentiment. In 1924 the population size of the Klan rose to nearly six million. One of the symbols commonly associated with the Klan was the burning Cross which was taken away from The Clansman.

The follows two families, one in the southern whites where Doctor Cameron is marrried to Mrs Cameron. They have 2 daugthers and 3 sons. The other family is in the Northern Stonemans. Thaddeus Stevens has one daughter and two sons. The elder son of Stoneman happens to like and love Margret Cameron when he had gone for a reisde at cameron country in South Carolina.

At the time of the civil fight both men from the two families enlist their respective soldiers for the war. 2 of the Cameron brothers and Stonemans younger son are killed in the war. However, the Cameron daugthers are assisted by soldiers who rout a black soldier afters an attack on the Cameron residence. Ben Cameron leads a great fight which earns him the name the young Colonel. However Ben is captured and taken to the hospital where he meets Elsie Stone man. During his time of admission in the hospital he meets Elsie Stoneman who works in the hopsital as a nurse.

Both Lynch and Stoneman had developed a psychological behavior of moving to the southern parts such as California in search of policies to implement at the firsthand. For instance, at the election period where lynch was elected to take the position of lieutenant governor, the blacks are the people who were responsible for staffing the voting boxes and whites were denied their right to vote. The members of the legislative council at South California who were newly elected soon develops bad habits such as putting their feet on top of their working desks while others are found drinking alcohol and feasting together with African American faces like fried chicken. Some people are noted observing the whites who act like scarecrows to cause fear to the black children. Formation of Ku Klux Klan by Ben was the beginning of their freedom as it served as their fight back weapon. These activities resulted in Ben breaking with his girlfriend, Elsie as a sign of royalty to her father. The movie concludes with a double wedding when Elsie marries Ben and Margaret marries Phil. However, the crowd is shown distressed by the warlike picture that fades away after some time. The movie soon moves to another group that are finding peace under the picture of Jesus Christ.

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