The Perfect Information Management System: Achieving Timeliness & Efficiency - Research Paper

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Date:  2022-12-28


The effectiveness of an information management system is determined by its ability to provide timely and useful information to both the consumers and the decision makers. Such efficiency must be continuous and incremental. Consequently, such a system must exhibit completeness so that it addresses the scalability aspect of the business. It must also be concise. This element is achieved when the system is capable of identifying the challenges faced by the organization and responding to them most appropriately. The system must consider the changing demands of the users as well as be clear and correct in its anticipation and execution of processes. An information management system remains effective for as long as it provides information that is necessary for decision making and assists to implement the improvements that are required to develop and sustain the competitiveness of the company. Such a system must ensure good cooperation between the organization's management and its employees. In general, the system must ensure that the management, the employees, and the clients have a platform that promotes communication efficiency. These interactions might need product and service changes.

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Potential Changes to Product Offerings

The change to product offering which the information management system will enable the organization to achieve will be the incorporation of value co-creation. Such a move would involve the customer in the entire process of product creation, integrating them into the company as critical stakeholders. The business will benefit from real-time feedback that will help reduce any misunderstanding of the consumer needs considering the continuous input of the consumer. Such an approach would benefit the consumer, the product, and the organization. Subsequently, the company will record and sustain a favorable bottom line as well as secure its competitive advantage.

With this approach, the business will adopt a build to order strategy which would improve the quality of production as well as enhance customer satisfaction. A flexible customer-centered production process would revolutionize the supply chain while securing the sustainability of the production process. The information management system will incorporate tools that enable the product user to play an active role in the production process. Ensuring the efficiency of information flow during the product development stage will help to realize short-term product optimization while ensuring scalability as the business is projected to grow.

While implementing the production changes, the company will realize reduced order delivery time that will involve the customer. This goal is intended to improve customer satisfaction. The build to order adjustment will ensure that the company minimizes its inventory of finished products which will be essential in improving the bottom line. Any changes in product demand will be noted in time and incorporated in the production process so that production is not affected. The business will equally improve its chances of positive reception of new products through the involvement of the user. This advantage will help stay updated with customer needs and maintaining relevance and competitive advantage.

How the Information System Addresses the Changes

The information system will ensure that these changes are realizable and the gains achievable by acting as an enabling platform. Foremost, the system will provide an improved approach to communication. Ensuring that communication flow is enhanced between the employees and the management will promote sound decision making. Such decisions will help the business to realize lean management because it will anticipate risks and mitigate them in time to prevent such dangers from hampering production. The system will also allow for improved feedback collection and analysis. The quick response to customer feedback the will enabled by enhanced internal communication will ensure that production is optimized and that customer satisfaction increases.

The ease of information dissemination will ensure that employees can respond to situations as well as take up roles and responsibilities that were previously not considered to suit them. More importantly, the system will introduce the element of time to the employees who will be valuable in addressing customer needs within the shortest time possible. Additional advantages will be registered through the monitoring process which the system will enable the company to sustain, and which will help to identify production progress.

Features that improve the interaction between the employees and the management, and between the management and the customers need to be incorporated in the initial information system design. Such a decision would ensure that the business can scale its processes through the up-to-date knowledge of client needs. Such understanding will be derived from customer input that will be continuous. Adding these features will help the company to streamline its communication processes which will be essential for realizing lean management because the information will be accessible at a central place, and that a shared understanding of the company objectives will be achieved. Besides enhancing information flow and reducing reaction time, the features will equip employees with the information needed to improve their skill sets and to take more responsibilities willingly.

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